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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Sep 7, 2018.

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    I have made a little add-on mod for state vs country. It is only available to people on my friends list. At this stage I just want to test it a little bit. I won't make it publicly available until I have asked the makers of SvC if that is okay.

    Place this add-on mod directly below SVC in list and tick both mods. This mod only works with SvC. New features;

    1. Muskets cannot shoot through friendly troops.
    2. Musket range (and cannon range) is doubled.
    3. Musket reload rate is four times slower than in SvC. Head-shot percentage is higher.
    4. 17th C Muskets produce a little faster
    5. Hungary's hadjuks are rebalanced.
    6. Portugal's overpowered Cuirassiers are corrected.
    7. Ukraine troops produce faster.
    8. Stables cost less wood.

    Balance tends towards muskets > pikes > cavalry > muskets but there are nuances to this balance.

    The main idea of this add-on mod is that stacking and blobbing of musket troops is less effective as they cannot shoot through friendly units. Line formations and linear tactics are more effective for muskets. Because of the long weapon ranges it is recommended that you use 2x size maps at least.

    This is really only a very simple add-on test mod. It changes none of the other essential aspects of State vs. Country. There are some failings I would like to correct. Due to the long musket range, effects of shooting though hills and stone walls become more glaring. I used the standard musket weapon not Cavalli's musket ball so the mechanics of stopping fire through non-living objects are different. I can't figure it out at this stage.

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