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    For the past two months I have been working on a mod for ACFB, a game I love dearly but know has many flaws. There are some nations simply far weaker than others, that rely on certain map types or terrain generation, and melee becomes almost or completely useless in late game due to most unit's protection/defense upgrades exceeding other units upgraded melee attack values. In recognition of these issues, I have begun to change these stats.

    The largest flaw I noted was, as mentioned above, the melee attack and defense protection values. As a result of these signifcant changes, I would like to have playtesting done and feedback by the community. Included in the folder is the changelog. Admittedly, I did not write down every single tweaked defense and attack value for every single unit (and every single unit WAS tweaked!), however all of the other additions and changes, such as more upgrades, upgrade values, etc were written down.

    I have also included the files necessary to play online!
    You can contact me with any notes, issues, suggestions, etc here and on Discord!

    Here below is a snippet of the changelog, though the log is larger and the changes far more numerous than this.
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  2. Alexhandr

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    If anyone would ever like to play multiplayer with me to help test, please shoot me a message on discord! Here also is a link to the ACFB Discord!
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