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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ebel, Nov 8, 2019.

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    TLDR: Link to Discord :

    It's been a long time coming, but I have to move along with the times, Discord is widely used amongst gamers, and it will be a nice extension to my site (CossacksWorld) to have a discord server.

    It certainly is an easier way to quickly ask a question, rather than having to sign up for a forum to ask a question.

    It allows for direct chat, meet other people, gamers or modders alike. I do not expect this to be a popular or active discord, but just a place to pass by from time to time and see what's new in the world of Cossacks or have a little chat about things related to the GSC games.

    I'll also post information about my new modding project I'm working on. Some of you know already, but I've been diagnosed with cancer and as such I have a lot of time on my hands during therapy, so I picked up my mod I started working on 2 years ago.

    It involves adding new units (not clones) to Cossacks 3 , (Flagbearers, crossbows, swordman, archers,...). My initial intent was to add a 16th Century to the game, but these units could be used for a variety of things, it could be a mod ranging from 10th to 16th century.

    The earlier the mod is put back in time, the more the need for custom building arises too, which I don't have at this point.

    I'm definitely looking for feedback, thoughts, idea's on the subject, help even if someone feels like contributing.

    If the mod isn't feasible to do, too much work, too many roadblocks that can't be bypassed, then at least the result will be new units, which I'll share regardless with other people who are creating mods for C3.(Like awar,...)

    Do join the discord, stay, don't stay, all the same to me. I'll be there. If anyone has questions, just ask! You can send me private messages from there as well.

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  2. Ftoomsh

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    I am setting up Chrome and Discord so I was even further behind the times. I will certainly use them to keep in touch... when I get Discord working.
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