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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ferox, Nov 9, 2016.


What you consider to be generally the strongest nation right now?

  1. Algeria / Turkey

  2. Austria

  3. England

  4. France

  5. Poland

  6. Prussia

  7. Russia

  8. Spain / Vencie

  9. Sweden

  10. Ukraine

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  1. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Winged Hussar - 300 hp , attack 15 ( 31 after upgrades) , melee protection 5 - it should be look like.

    Better Polish Light Rider - 210 hp attack 10
    Better Turkish Light Infantryman - 70 hp attack 9 ( mercanery version 85 hp attack 14)
    Prussian Hussar - 250 hp , attack 13 ( they are should be strong not weak like now)
    Chasseur - 105 hp , 21 firepower
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  2. Vladeks87

    Vladeks87 New Member

    bug - Ukraine, Scotland, Turkey and Algeria cant advance in 18 century but have all technology for free that is not fare for other civilization.
    fix - So Ukraine, Scotland, Turkey and Algeria cant advance in 18 century and do not have 18 century technology but they must have little stronger units.
  3. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Vladex you are right, but If we don't have 18th century upgrades for Ukraine, Scotland, Turkey and Algeria we can't play these countries in this game. Because of weakness:)) I think this feature not bug, one bug is advancing in the 18th century. We should have advanced in the 18th century, some of the countries. Maybe Scotland, Turkey or Ukraine. I don't know Algeria maybe naval technology can be very good in the 18th century. And also I do not know if Cossack have advanced 18th century? I'm not sure this fact. But We need new units for some of the countries. Maybe 18th century nizam-ı cedit infantry for Turkey, 18th century Scotland musketeer like England or if Cossacks have 18th century units. That's okay for me.
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  4. Vladeks87

    Vladeks87 New Member

    Maybe countries similar to Ukraine, Scotland, Turkey and Algeria should have special and different technology from other countries.
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  5. Vladeks87

    Vladeks87 New Member

    Well archers and tatars should be antibuilding units so they should have high hp, defense and antibuilding attack but attack for anti units should be very very low, but scotland, turkey and algeria should have high attack for musketeers to compensate for weak archers and low number of them. Through the upgrades scotland, turkey and algeria musketeers should have high attack, for them there should be seven attack upgrades not 3 or 4.
    AL should be those antibuilding units only in low number but now turkey build only archers, scotland build archers and do not build musketeers, other nations do not build grenadiers.

    Scotland AL in beginning should to build Covenant pikeman and Covenant musketeer with low number of archers and in late game he build Covenant musketeer, Sword clansmen, Lancer and low number of archers.
  6. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    Well all the complainers did it, you succeeded in destroying Ukraine.

    I play full war with peace time, because no nation attacks another nation with the first boatload of soldiers,
    we're not in the Viking age anymore.

    After a test this is the STAGGERING result.

    Poland with 4 17th barracks, 5 18th barracks, and 6 stables, very reasonable to accomplish in 45 pt no?
    and without pt, you need a bit more time,

    Ukrain needs 5 stables ( reasonable) and 18 !!! Cossacks houses to keep up with the production of polish firepower (making only shooters, mercenary roundshires and a mix of 4x 18th c dragoon and 2x courassiers).
    10 C.H is hard, every next 1 needs 3 million wood and 3 million stone, thats 24.m for the time that is reached,
    poland will have way more that the 15 buildings above.

    Bring (multi) cannons into play and it gets a lot worse.
    Enemy cannons shoot Ukraine cannons while Ukraine cannons must focus on shooting multibareld cannons,
    after a while, all Urkaine cannons are dead and needs to rebuild, meanwhile enemy can walk into Ukraine base,
    Ukraine stands no chance vs western nations.

    1 Give Serdiuks last upgrades back, but increase cost of upgrades.
    2 Give Registered cossacks a rifle, similar to polish 17th (at close range switch to melee).

    Other nations.
    1 18th c. Dragoons shotpower restored, balance that by giving Algeria and turkey artillery bonus (cheaper Depots)
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  7. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Maybe devs should increased Polish Light Riders building time instead buff they stats ( 22t0hp , 10 attack) or make Winged Hussar more profitable than now. Ukraine should have some missile cavalry with guns. Venice is too boring nation now. Almost no one play as this faction in multiplayer , they should have some unique units like other countries. About Algieria i think thay they should have Berber Muskeeter and Bedouins as missile cavalry. They are too weak now.
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  8. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    You are right Kamilow. Some of the nations need balance and new units. Poland need new units also pancerni etc. Building time is another story. Polish light rider has very short producing time. Your suggestion is good. Ukrania needs dragoon units? I don't know historically, but need more units in Ukraine. Venice, now very boring and yes we need more units and ships. Algeria needs musketeer and dragoon( Bedouin) But we cannot see anything. I hope they will come soon:))
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  9. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    Nice History,
    where in history did a commander send 5 horsemen on suicide mission to capture a peasant?
  10. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Cossacks 3 is still a game based on history, they won't make a new unit if it has no historical background just because someone want it.
  11. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    Well, i'm not a historian, just tried to find a solution to Ukraine current problem.

    As i stated in another threat, once Poland has 4 17th + 5 18th barracks, + 6 stables, (that can be achieved for example in about 45 pt) it produces so much firepower that
    Ukraine would need 5 stables and 18 cossacks houses to match that. Only 10, maybe 11 can be made in 45 minutes.
    Poland is just an example i tested with.
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  12. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    I Tested the 18th century Dragoon against the 17th Century dragoon,
    something that should have been done before the change was implemented!!!

    again a STAGGERING result, and totally incomprehensible why the 18th century Dragoon was nerfed this badly,
    now it's Garbage against "soft" tagets and not so great against mixed targets.

    The test.
    Compensated for build time, in the time it takes to build 36 17th c. Dragoon, you get 20 18th century dragoons.
    all fully upgraded of course, send them to move and attacks eachother, as is done in-game:
    22 17th century dragoons (OVER HALF) survived the encounter !!!
    thats not a narrow victory, its a humiliation.

    2nd Test: Gave both a formation of 120 upgraded roundshires
    72 17th century vs 40 18th century -> 28 17th century survived...almost 1/3

    For those who only read bold statements,
    the 17th century Dragoons defeated the 18th c. dragoons with and without roundshires as protection.

    Who advised this balancing act?
    Never listen to him again.
    Who is in charge of this balancing act?
    Keep him far away from this game.

    And TEST before you implement these GAME BREAKING changes.

    And you players...
    If Ukraine is overpowered in no art 30 pt,
    then don't allow Ukraine to be played,
    leave the rest of us out of it, and keep the game in tact.
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  13. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    for me it would still be best if you add a new building "heavy stable" so one for 17c cavalry and the other for 18c cavalry.

    Some nations have 6 different cavalry units and its kind of hard to balance them, you also see later in the game also a small amount of these different units. So rather then 17c and 18c drummer/officier I would see two different stables.
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  14. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Yes, Hansol we need heavy stable for heavy cavalry, military academy for new officers(captain, major etc.), a palace for guard regiments like Cossacks 2. I think cavalry needs artillery with gun carrying. More house types like American Conquest series.
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  15. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Winged Hussar is still useless, it's pathetic , but ofcourse developers know better and they think that Ukraine Hetmans was stronger (stupid joke):confused:
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  16. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    I find them good as they are and I'm not the only one.
    Ukrainian hetman is just a mounted officer with great stats (like all officer) but he is costly, you won't see him early game.
  17. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    I hope that someday another rts-game about this period will be created and the historical accuracy will be preserved. I do not recall any battle when the Ukrainian Hetmans smashed the enemy forces. Some units in the game are different than they really are, some famous units in the game have not been shown (Ironsides, Prussian Jager, Stradioti).
  18. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    It's a game you will always have decision made for gameplay.
    I don't play Ukraine enough to know well hetman, it has been nerfed but still really strong but as a downside it cost a lot of gold. In a normal game, I don't see hetman fielded before all players are in good XVIIIth c. meaning they can field many musketeers, in this case hetmans will probably die before reaching the ennemy (which explain why most players with ukraine recruit register cossacks until late dev and powerfull economy).
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