Base placement and Mines placement.

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    Does anyone know, off the top of their head, which file(s) set base and mines placement? I will go looking too, of course, but I am not averse to a quick answer from someone who knows it straight off. :)


    I will add what I find and people can tell me if I am right.

    1. It appears map.script controls starting position. If anyone can explain how to move starting positions for 2x maps back towards the corners a bit again that would be good. But I can probably figure it with some tests.

    2. Okay. In I have found:

    procedure SetupMines(pointx, pointy : Float; minround, maxround, minesdensity, spcount : Integer);

    Of course this has a while lot of code with it which I will now examine.

    In short, I want to amend the base placement and mines placement (for 2x maps in particular) such that;

    (a) the base starting points for a 2v2 map are about 1/8th the distance of the long diagonal from the corner and on or very near that long diagonal. In other words, the base starting point would be only 1/4 of the distance from the corner compared to the corner to middle measurement or outer corner to inner corner of the territory quadrant (whichever of the latter the game uses).

    (b) the inner 2 mines of each type are about where they are now in C3 vanilla, relatively speaking, but extra mines (say in a 4 mines of each start) are only about half of the extra distance outplaced as they are currently in C3 vanilla.

    These sort of settings will more suit the balance I am trying to create in OCMOD3.
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