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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by James Hayes, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. James Hayes

    James Hayes Active Member

    Here is a patch note, thank you all for the feedback!

    6.09.23 FIXES

    Many reported bugs, related to random crashes (Access violation error, from several minutes of gameplay to hours) are most of times caused by Windows DEP settings. Active DEP may also lead to poor performance.

    On newer Windows versions and updates, Microsoft disallow applications to add themselves in to DEP exception list.

    This can be bypasses by running game once "As an administrator". to allow game to register app into DEP exceptions list.
    To do this, go to Steam Cossacks3 folder, usually:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Cossacks 3\
    Press right-click on cossacks.exe file and choose "Run as Administrator". This is needed only once.

    Or you can manually disable DEP or add game in to exception list using windows tools and commands.

    Patch notes:

    Critical (fixed):
    - Multiplayer is now more stable, playable and clean. We are working on further improvements.
    - Cannons and howitzers was unable to attack ships and units through walls. Which lead to problems in completing some missions
    - Building gates and opening them no longer lead to crash
    - Game now make deep check if you got DEP set to critical setting, that won't allow game to work properly. and it will show you warning message.

    - Combo-boxes in game room, no more auto-close when you try to change values.
    - Private (password-protected) rooms are now available in multiplayer shell.
    - Bug when players could join in already full room.
    - Creating squads in multiplayer game, in some cases led to unexpected result.
    - Removed all cheats from multiplayer games
    - Lot of server optimizations.
    - Number of players and max players are now properly shown in sessions list.
    - Lesser player random disconnects from server while in game.

    Other bugs (fixed)
    - After loading saved game, building was not shown on mini map.
    - Achievements, not related to Campaign missions, no longer achieved while playing campaign.
    - Achievements in Russian language added.
    - Pressing ESC while placing walls led to lose ability to control game.
    - Fixed situation, when player may put all his peasants in to ferry or mines, and game decide that players is defeated and destroy all units and buildings.

    Patch make fixes in next campaign missions:
    -Austria campaign, missions: 1, 2, 3.
    -French campaign, mission 4
    -English campaign, mission 2
    -Russian campaign, mission 4

    And achievements in Russian language added.

    - Issue, when users with display settings set to 125-150% zoom may have wrong mouse positioning and can't point buttons with mouse cursor.
    - Continue of multiplayer fixing and server optimization (may solve problem, when friends was unable to find each others in game room).
    - Fix of fish boats

    We are monitoring all your messages, feedbacks and bugs. And trying to prioritize all issues to make things better as soon as possible. We ask you to be patient and help us make game better. Thank you for your feedbacks and your time


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  2. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    Light Infantry Man vs Russian Pikeman is bugged. The Infantry man attacks force the spearman to turn over and over again. This strongly occurs in 1v1 matches, in high numbers it seems to cancel itself out.
  3. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    I had pikemen on endless production, and wanted to create an officer and a drummer, but the game would keep producing pikemen. Once I right clicked the pikemen to cancel the production, the bar on the drummer would go up until maximum but just stop at 100%. (This had nothing to do with population limit, I had more than enough townhalls.)
    I build a new barrack and created an officer and a drummer, and it worked fine, but once I put the pikemen endless production on for that barrack aswell, it also seemed to be hellbent on producing nothing but pikemen. Wouldn't give me officers.
  4. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    Another bug that is still in the game: putting multiple endless productions in one unit production building causes the building to only produce one of the units, rather than all of them one after the other.

    I tested that in the diplomacy hall: I put an endless production on all units, but it would only produce the first. Once I cancelled one endless production, the game (seemingly randomly?) produced some other unit. Once I enabled the endless production of that cancelled unit again the game (again, seemingly randomly?) jumped to another unit to produce.

    Generally the game seems to have problems with endless production.
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  5. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    I think I encountered a bug when trying to join a friend's private room. Upon entering the correct password, I wouldn't join the room and instead get the error massage "Fehlerhafter Spielername" (german for "incorrect player name"). I know that I entered the correct password so I mark this as a bug, but maybe it is just something else I do not understand. Does the game have a filter for offensive names or something? (Though I doubt the name I used, "Jopstfried", was offensive in the slightest. And I could join other matches just fine.)
  6. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    Okay, the game runs much better in multiplayer, but people still have random disconnects every now and again. I just won a match, but didn't win it because at the end there was a disconnect. And the "peasants and tallhown explodes at the start" bug still seems to exist. It happened to me once after starting the game as administrator.
  7. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    • Fog of war is currently useless - it's perfectly possible to see enemy location (with not-so-high gamma/brightness) and hear them moving/working.
    • Wrong score on start - the host starts with the score of the previous game when starting new ones (I believe it happens only to the host).
    • All peasants die on start - for some random reason, at least 1 player loses all his peasants when the game starts.
    • Rally point on minimap not working - setting a building's rally point through the minimap will make them go to a random edge of the map.

    All these bugs are still present after the last patch (23/09).
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  8. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    +1 for the fog of war! also please fix AI
  9. morcra

    morcra New Member

    +2 for the fog of war ! just an option to modify him in multiplayer.
  10. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    You can set balloon option on already. That's not the point. The point is you should not be able to see nor hear anything when fog of war is on, as it obviously ruins its purpose.
  11. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    Crashes FIX!
    We detective found, that software named "plays.tv" which is automatically installs with "AMD Gaming Evolved" led game to poor performance (2-10 times lower than should be). and random crashes after 2-30 minuts of gameplay. We have reports that this fix works on players PC's. If you encounter such problem. Try next: 1. Check if you have plays.tv installed on your PC. It is usually can be found in system tray. You can also find it in Task Manager\Process. plays_ep64.exe playstv.exe 2. Close this application. 3. Check if processes also closed and close them manually if needed. In most cases closing through system tray should be enough. 4. Play game. 5. Please report your results to help other players. If random crashing stops? If game performance significantly increased? This issues exists both on AMD and NVidia video cards. This software is used to record game video stream. Perhaps there is other similar software products which may lead to same issues. If you find such software, please let us know.
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  12. James Hayes

    James Hayes Active Member

    Awesome work guys :)
  13. morcra

    morcra New Member

    Hey, i have play.tv on my pc and i have no problem with it ;)
  14. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    i had the problems yesterday and reinstalled cossacks a few times. Hereby i deinstalled plays.tv befause i happen to see it on screen. I thought until now that i fixed the problem through reinstalling but i guess i was just plain lucky to deinstall this software. So i can confirm your theory!
  15. HUNRex

    HUNRex Member

    I played multiplayer this evening and a player named Eliot used cheat (ship of the line) he placed the ship on my mill and killed my units, he also had a ship at his own base

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    that's what i call support. will try it out as soon as i can and report!
  17. Nath33killer

    Nath33killer Member

    I played multiplayer and after a while units stopped training and randomly restarted popping. And my enemies easily outnumbered me :(
  18. Australian

    Australian New Member

    AI Bugs:
    - AI does not build fleets on maps with water, they only build a few Transport ships and Yachts.
    - AI recuits to many Priests (I think that is a bug).
    - AI does not advance to 18th Century, on Default settings.
    - AI does not build 18 Century buildings and does not recruit 18 Century units, even when choosing '18 Century only' option.
  19. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    +1 yeah i sent a private message to atem the other day about the AI he said theyll fix it, but i wanna hear them say it in the forums, and fix it in the next patch! they are almost done fixing the game, for me all it needs now is better AI and better unit animations and water graphics. also the game is still missing 18th ships...and they have not said a word about that yet....
  20. Australian

    Australian New Member

    Ok, grouse, thanks for all that :) . Yeah I miss the 18 Century ships (especially the Victoria for England), I hope the 18 Century ships and the Victoria for England will be patched in :) .
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