Bugs for Update 29-09-16

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by James Hayes, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Afritus

    Afritus Member

    First of all, thanks for the fast updates! Multiplayer games are much more stable now.

    I have only one "critical" request about a bug, which shouldn't be too hard to fix: Please make the mouse really stick to the window on the sides. I am using multiple monitors and it's super-annoying that the mouse always leaves the screen at the left/right side. The option in the menu resets the mouse far too slowly and scrolling to the left or right side is nearly impossible.
  2. Affro-Jojo

    Affro-Jojo Member

    Often ships stick on the land (if the maps were bigger we would have less the problem...) and then no other possibility that detroying it (or let it useless). For big ships and full transport ships that's really annoying.
  3. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    I think I found a fix for the number of buildings you can queue up before workers stop building! there is this line "gc_obj_MaxOrderCount = 6" in the dmscript.global file, change the 6 to 100 for example "gc_obj_MaxOrderCount = 100" I tested it and now i can queue up as much houses as I want without having to worie about the lazy peasents.
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  4. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    IF you attack someone you get the alert that your units are in fact attacking. But if you are attacked there is no sound whatsoever. I was rushed multiple times and my base was gone without me noticing it. There arent any alerts for losing buildings or peasants through capture.
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  5. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    Some more bugs that I don't think have been mentioned yet:
    • if you click on buildings while there is a unit behind the building, you select the unit behind it instead
    • → same for the minimap
    • mini map covers editor menu
    • cant put rally points from barracks etc. on mini map
    • putting a rally point on fog of war does not show the red cross even though the point is set and works as intended
    • yellow circles around selected units are sometimes missing
  6. RobinsonHuso

    RobinsonHuso New Member

    It would be great if the workers automatically complete the buildings if there is more than one in progress.
  7. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    Hold shift while choosing a peasant's activities and he will do them in order. For example, if you hold shift while you tell a group of peasants to build a mill, then build a storehouse and then chop wood, they will do these things in that order. This way you can queue up 6 buildings (this number used to be much higher in C1, but you can modify it in the game data. Though I am unsure if this would be considered cheating.)
  8. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Bugs I have had.

    1. I was playing Poland in Normal Resources. I delayed a gold mine as I was concentrating on peasant and troops numbers and getting to 2 TCs. Somehow, probably from an auto-resowing of the wheat field, I went to minus 80 gold! I had no mercenaries. Now I could build nothing, not even a mine which costs only wood and stone. Lucky I had a market and could sell some iron for gold. Seems you always need more than zero gold to build even things that cost no gold. Seems like a bug.

    2. Stone walls appear to cause bugs and even wood walls sometimes.

    3. Damaged mines can't be repaired and if you upgrade them you can't put more miners in them.

    4. Sometimes the drummers and officers won't come out of a barracks. It keeps just making soldiers. Sometimes you can cancel soldiers and make the officer and drummer then restart soldiers. The problem with officers and drummers not coming out of barracks can get worse. It stalls soldier production and then even peasant production as the bug spreads through camp. I had an FFA where I soon could make no units with Algeria.

    5. There are lots of game crashes and failed starts. Maybe about 50% of games play through successfully.

    6. In a 3 v 4 game I soon got an Assert error - Invalid synch package gameobject 8779. I have a big enough PC easy and I can find no plays.tv running on it.

    There appears to be more than one C3 Shell. Once the first shell reaches about 1,000 players (I think), a second shell is accessed. Usually this login process is slower. Once in the second shell, you will not see anyone who is in the first shell. There appears to be no indication that you are in the second shell except the slow login process. There also appears to be no way of switching to the first shell and finding your friends. I have chatted with people in the second shell who said they were sitting next to a friend and they were both logged in, yet they were they obviously in different shells and could not see each other in their own shell. But leaving the first shell in the hopes of joining the others in the second shell might be a Hail Mary pass. My second shell had about 700. Assuming the first shell had 1,000 this equals 1,700 players. Is this right?

    Question - When can we get Shell games recorded like in the old GSC Shell? I want to replay some of my games to learn.

    Thank you developers, I know you are working hard on these issues. :)
  9. RobinsonHuso

    RobinsonHuso New Member

    Ah ok, thank you very much!
  10. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    The parallel world bug

    Sometimes I see a population of players and rooms that is completely different from what a buddy can see. Fully restarting the game (not only the connection to the shell) usually fixes it.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    That's called synchronization error...
  12. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    I still get the access violation error after every game, even after starting in administrator and adding it to the list.
  13. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    It looks more like an intended (and rather bad) way to handle traffic limitation. Anyhow, I find parallel world a more interesting name.

    Today I also came across a parallel battlefield. My buddy said he beat me when in fact I beat him. In the end both were right. There's no sync failure message like in c1.
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  14. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    In a couple of 1v1 30 min Peace Time games);

    1. Opponent got to 18thC before me, researched balloon and immediately I could see the whole map too. Clearly a bug.

    2. In second game, it froze as soon as I moved all my soldiers at end of PT. My army wasn't that big, maybe a 1,000. Not sure of exact army numbers. Algeria needs a lot of houses.

    3. In second game, Algeria from random nation, I was trying to build houses quickly in a queue and I accidentally double stacked two houses, one on the other. They shared about 80% at least of the same footprint. They got built too I think.

    I am posting all these bugs noted here in the hope devs will see them. I would be interested in the experiences of others re bugs, freezes, disconnects from shell and so on.

    I also had an incident where I was disconnected from shell of 600 or so players. Logged straight back in and I was taken to a shell of about 50 players. Two players I knew were in the other "600 people" shell. I spoke to one by Skype and he confirmed he was still in that shell. I logged out, logged back in and was back in the "600 people" shell. This seems to be clear confirmation of two shells at higher numbers on the weekend. I am not sure why it is happening. I guess new shell(s) is/are spawning when one gets too crowded. Can devs explain this situation to us? It might be an interim solution to shell over-crowding. We will understand if just kept informed please.
  15. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    I type /help and have yet to get a help menu.
  16. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    I discovered a bug where the upgrades for my pikemen just dissappeared after i built the 4th attack upgrade. I dont know how this happened, but i think i lost the barracks at the time it was upgrading or cancelled the upgrade.
  17. Emperor Highlander

    Emperor Highlander Highlander Staff Member

    Was this on SP or Multiplayer?
  18. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

  19. Emperor Highlander

    Emperor Highlander Highlander Staff Member

    Could possibly be the fact you lost it, and it bugged out, that is what it seems like. A one off maybe?
  20. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    That is the obvious conclusion. Non the less the Devs should know about this one. Pikemen without upgrades are terrible my friend.
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