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  1. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    These would be very good include ships crews, cargo and squads in C 3 game as fallows

    Ships crews and cargo

    Boat = 2 fishers, 200 fishes cargo
    Barge = 2 rafters, 1000 resources cargo or 80 units
    Merchant vessel = 4 crewmen sailors, 3000 resources cargo, herring buss 2000 fish cargo
    Transport vessel = 4 crewmen sailors, 240 units and 1000 resources cargo

    17th century warships
    Yacht = 4 crewmen
    Galley = 12 crewmen, 12 musketeers
    Frigate = 12 crewmen, 12 musketeers, 500 resources cargo
    Xebec = 12 crewmen, 12 melee infantry, 500 resources cargo
    Galleass = 24 crewmen, 12 musketeers
    Battleship = 30 crewmen, 12 musketeers

    18th century warships
    Cutter = 4 crewmen
    Ketch = 10 crewmen
    Sloop of war = 12 crewmen
    Frigate = 20 crewmen, 12 musketeers, 1000 cargo
    Basic ship of the line = 30 crewmen, 12 musketeers
    Common ship of the line = 40 crewmen, 24 musketeers
    Large ship of the line = 60 crewmen, 24 musketeers

    Ship crewmen create in port represent sailors, gunners and officers.
    All vessels before sailing at sea should take on board some crewmen.
    Musketeers and other infantrymen could represent marines.
    They could take part in virtual boarding and small landing actions.

    Ships could suffer losses in crewmen and marines during sea battles.
    Heavy cannon fire can inflict serious damage, wreak and sink destroyed ships.
    Bigger ship sometimes could capture smaller ship during virtual boarding action.
    Captured ship could be hauled to port and repaired, then ship can take on board new crew.

    Vessels with crewmen on board can sailing at see.
    Every warship bigger than yacht and cutter needs commissioned captain on board.
    Commodore with Adjutant boarded on chosen warship can create warship team squad.
    Vice or Rear Admiral with Adjutant boarded on chosen battleship can create ship squadron.
    Admiral and Adjutant boarded on chosen battleship, Vice and Rear Admiral boarded on another two ships create fleet.

    Ship squads

    Team = 2 the same type of ships, Commodore and Adjutant on one ship
    Convoy = 2 or more transport or merchant vessels, plus escort warship team
    Squadron = 3 the same type of warships, one ship require Rear or Vice Admiral and 2 or 3 Adjutants
    Fleet = 9 battleships or ships of the line, three ships require Admiral, Vice or Rear Admirals with Adjutants

    Fleet include Vice Admiral squadron, Admiral squadron and Rear Admiral squadron.

    Boat team = 2 boats can fishing more fishes, they do not need officers

    I believe this is not had for skilled developers to implement such ship system in C 3 game.
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  2. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    I wonder why devs have not showed more ships types and their features in C 3 game yet.

    It would be good include more new things which were characteristic for naval combats e.g. fireships, more ships of the line types, ships squads, crews, cargo etc.

    Fireships is not hard things, it could be yacht or sloop of war filled with combustibles, deliberetely set on fire and steer or drift into enemy fleet in order to destroy ships or break enemy formation. There were notable uses of fireships e.g. Battles of Downs 1639, Solebay 1672, Palermo 1676, La Houge 1692, Chesma 1770.

    More ships of the line could represent more ships rates (classes) for
    Basic ship of the line = armed with 50-60 guns on two decks
    Common ship of the line= armed with 64-80 guns on two decks or typical "74 class"
    Large ship of the line = armed with 90-120 guns on three decks, admirals flag ships

    Ships squads, crews and cargo would be welcome too.
  3. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member

    Ah yes, fireships - I'd love to see those.

    I would envisage them to be an 'upgrade' of an existing ship - maybe a small button on their info tab called 'Convert to Fireship'. Like researching, a progress bar would appear and the ship cannot be moved nor fire whilst the ship is being converted. Once converted, visual elements such as fire and barrels/kegs of gunpowder will onboard the vessel!

    Pro - extremely powerful - can potentially** destroy a bunched-together fleet.
    Con - you have to sacrifice a ship you have paid good money for, plus the attack has to be carried out at extreme close-range.

    ** - You can convert any ship - the bigger and more expensive, the more powerful, however the most likely candidate would be a 17th century galley or yacht.
  4. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, fireships already existed even in old AoE games.
    It would be fine to see them in C 3 game. Convert yacht to fireship as option for this small ship would be fine solution.
    Galley could not be good, they needed many rowers, this mean more men could be in danger fireship.

    Fireships were dangerous ships and required special conditions to use them sensible.
    Then inexpensive or old, worn out vessels were used as fireships.

    Small yacht could be converted to fireship, if player want to use yacht sometimes as fireship in the game.
  5. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    I wonder is it really hard for developers add ships crews sailing inside ships?

    Why all ships could not take on board some peasants, officers and infantry as like ferry can do it now?
    These crews do need to do something special, they could sailing inside ships and represent needed manpower.
    This is much better that ghost manned ships which do not require any manpower for shipbuilding and sailing.

    During naval battles ship crew can suffer some losses, make virtual boarding or landing actions.

    For example, ship could come close to enemy ship, this who get more crews on virtual board can sometimes capture enemy ship. Therefore smaller ship usually avoided close combats with bigger ship.

    Maritime oriented nations needs some manpower for shipbuilding and navy.
    Some improvements in this matter would be well come in the game.
  6. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    Since there does not appear to be a manual of any kind for C3 or even a hot key cheat sheet, I would like to ask a few rudimentary questions:

    1. Can ships be repaired by peasants?

    2. Can ships be "healed" by priests?

    3. Can ships be repaired by the "heal all units" option button in the academy?
  7. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    ship can't be healed in any way at the moment, all ship need to go at some point the seaside cemetery.
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  8. Original-Cossacks-Player

    Original-Cossacks-Player Active Member

    You had the option to repair ships in the original Cossacks, but it never worked, would be good to get this working in Cossacks 3, ships are a damn expensive part of machinery
  9. Barbanera

    Barbanera New Member

    it would take a great naval mods
    focused on adding many more ships and structures dedicated to the construction, repair and research vessels, a beautiful naval fortress
    I do not know if you know the naval bases of Dunkirk (France) Sevastopol (Russia).
    this naval base should be a union between a academy, port and a fortress.
    naval migliorameti:
    new types of academic navi.miglioramet as regards the vessels example, cover with sheets of copper: better resistance of the vessel.
    and in addition you can do both by coastal bastion battery, or from the commercial port that facilitates the trade of resources between players eg: a player needs resources and does not satisfy the market? He asks the Allied player to send an amount of resources it needs
  10. colonelburton

    colonelburton Active Member

    As a Frenchman I have to correct, it is Dunkerque :D
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  11. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Fa senso - I like the idea of a naval base/college very much.
  12. Barbanera

    Barbanera New Member

    @thx colonel burton
    ciao Francesco ,la cosa può funzionare molto poichè una struttura simile semplifica un idea militare.commerciale e acccademica =bastione ,porto,accademia
    poi quello che potrebbe fare .....
  13. colonelburton

    colonelburton Active Member

    I like Italian very much but it would be good to write in English that everyone can understand what you say.

    Grazie mille :)
  14. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    He's just humouring me (a would-be Italian) :)
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