Can an Aussie Play the NFL... Really Well?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ftoomsh, Aug 28, 2015.

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    Before this, Australia has supplied only a few punters to the NFL. Now an Aussie rugby league player is converting to NFL in a real position (or two or three) like kick returner and running back. So far he has blown away the opposition in two trials. Can he keep up the good work? Looks like I might have to become a SF49ers fan and follow the NFL... if he makes the playing roster. Some pundits are saying he deserves a spot more than Kendall Hunter.

    Hayne appears to bringing skills that are surprising some US commentators. These skills are not surprising Aussies. We see these skills every week in our Rugby League. Admittedly, Hayne is the best of the best and ideally suited to convert to NFL. Not many of our players would be so ideally suited to convert to NFL as Hayne.

    It's early days yet but let's hope Hayne's conversion goes well.
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  2. I would say any rugby player can stand in NFL,but i doubt for the opposite
  3. Daddio

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    He looks to me as you know to be a good prospect.

    But he will need to pay his dues out there. It will never be a walk-on type of application.

    Instincts of the game need to be learned.

    Give him 3 years. and see where he is. He has the ability that is for sure.
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