Cant win 1v1

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by grizzgolf, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. grizzgolf

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    I don't understand how some of you guys get your eco up and running and just smoother me. I cant figure out how to build a large enough army in a short time to get past 500 military units. How are you guys building muskets and pike so fast and its not crushing your eco?
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    I am no expert but I have seen expert answers to questions like this. The answers usually say to record the replays and watch the expert build orders. Learn the build orders and practice them so that it all becomes automatic. You will need tailored build-orders for every nation and every set of starting conditions that you commonly play. Do a lot of practice build runs against the AI. Be aware of the goals you have to reach. Say you are playing 10 PT with 5,000s resources. You need to know that an expert has x numbers of buildings, peasants and troops of various kinds by the end of 10 PT. You need to hit those goals.

    Where you are playing zero PT, you will find many experts not only have a good build order but often harass you early with little raids. These little raids can do a lot of damage on capture settings. These little raids set your economy back a long way. It takes constant vigilance to stop these raids before they do damage. It takes a lot of micro to defend (or attack) and to keep up the base building at the same time.

    I often think I am playing fast but when I look at replays of my losses (always study losses) I can't believe how slow I am to do things in reality. You need to try to find ways to play faster and more accurately at the same time. It's not easy, plus some players are just born with faster hands and faster minds than others. All you can do is practice to reach your top ability level. Your eventual top ability level is mainly set by your genes. Really fast hands and a really fast mind come from genetic makeup. It's what you inherit. Do your best according to the best of your natural ability. And remember, it's just a game. :)
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