CiV 5 and Cossacks 3, games of strategy

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Anderstein, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    I deem Civ 5 as the best turn based strategy game and Cossacks as the best real time strategy game. In the last years I played a lot more CIV 4 and 5 simply because Cossacks didn't run on my system anymore ... and also because it aged badly. I'm looking forward to play 3. Although CIV has a different approach than Cossacks I expect many CiV players here.

    What makes a good strategy game in general?
    Do you prefer Real Time or Turn Based games (or do you just don't want to compare them)?
    How important is an historical context for you?
  2. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    Hello, I played and still play these strategies and in life I would not played anything else.

    Cossacks tAoW, BtW
    C&C: Generals and Zero Hour
    C&C Red Alert 2, 3 and Uprising
    StarCraft 1, 2 Wol, HotS and LotV

    Other strategies are :oops: retarded.
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  3. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    EU4 all the way. If they could somehow add battles with the Cossacks engine the game would be utter bliss.
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  4. Lorenzo Paoli

    Lorenzo Paoli Member

    I honestly don't like civilization: I don't like his concept of "civilization" and the progressive linear idea of history that it propose, with a monolithic vision of a culture through time. I really prefer EU IV, it's incredibly better and well done. A game like that, in real time with a tactical resolution of battles would be the best I can hope for the moment.
    Concerning the historical context, it's for sure important for me, but there are always limits in putting the historical discourse in a video game, in the same way as the historiograph has narrative problem in writing historical essays. You'll never get reality as it was, only a rapresentation influenced by the hermeneutical approach you have in your time/place.
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  5. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    That's true. It's always odd to deal with the same leaders from stone age to the modern era. Nevertheless I like that you have time to think about every move as in chess. Overall it feels like a really big board game, which rather requires strict rules than historical facts. Historical accuracy all the time is not that important for me while playing. But I appreciated the extensive Civilopedia in CiV 4 from time to time. I even used it as a resource for a school project back in these days ^^ A shame that they didn't include the same thing in the succesor.

    Are you not satisfied with the "diplomacy" of Cossacks 3? ;)

    I never played any EU game but you made me interested, so I probably will watch some gameplay videos.
  6. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Do take a look - it is very complex though which is why I like it. Although all the battles are fought by your generals, because your actions determine the morale and discipline of your troops and quality of their arms I feel I have more controll over my armies than in any other game. The AI is also very good and trade/colonisation/war mechanics all very realistic and interesting.
  7. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    Europa Universalis 4 hands down for me. Best grand strategy game i've played to date. I'm also a big fan of the Civ series and many other RTS games like C&C series back in the day. Yet Cossacks was my ultimate favourite RTS growing up. I also enjoy Total War games and i'm looking forward to Total war Warhammer.

    For me my best combination would be a grand campaign map with multiple nations and where battles are fought in a real time environment.
  8. Deep Purple

    Deep Purple New Member

    What about Heroes III? ;)
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  9. Hippie

    Hippie Active Member

    You didn't like Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Empires, Empire Earth or Civilisation? :eek:
    Personally Age of Empires III is my favourite RTS but I have a lot of nostalgia from playing that game at launch. I came back to it recently and it's still loads of fun, also the graphics were really good considering when it came out (2005!) I know a lot of people liked Age of Empires II but I preferred the time frame the 3rd game was set in. Not to mention the soundtrack is incredible!

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  10. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Now THAT was moddable. After a couple of years I'd implemented realistic formations and speeds, realistic accuracy and reload rates, trees and buildings providing cover from missiles, nation-specific uniforms, new sound effects....wish I hadn't lost it all when my computer went down!
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  11. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    I played through a whole Heros of Might and Magic game. I can't remember which one. It was quite good.
    However, this game wasn't able to keep my interested for a longer period. Mainly because of its fantasy style world. It's a little boring for me to deal with characters and places that are purely fictional. ... Maybe that's the reason I never tried a Scifi strategy game, too, although I highly prefer Scifi over fantasy.
  12. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    I never played these games Age of Empires and Empire Earth, but they are certainly excellent no doubt about it, they look very much like Age of Mythology which I played very happy.

    Turn-based strategy like Heroes of Might and Magic or Civilisation it's not for me, when I saw a couple of videos, I thought where all the fun gone? Nowhere there is no fun at all...
  13. Fate

    Fate Member

    In my opinion, Total War is the best strategy game series ever, perfect mix between both aspects :
    - turn-based for resources and building management and also armies movement on the map
    - real-time for battles, truly epic battles with thousands of units (my last battle in TW:Attila = 30k units at the same time but I use a mod to increase x4 the amount of units :D)
  14. Aquila

    Aquila New Member

    Civ5? Really? It's a huge step down from Civ IV and it's commonly considered as a "dumbed down" version of Civ IV. Civ IV plus mods is the pinnacle of Civilization series.
  15. Hippie

    Hippie Active Member

    The Age of Empire series and Empire Earth were made by the same people as Age of Mythology so if you enjoyed AoM you will definitely like the others.

    My biggest problem with the Total War series is that the AI is terrible and after you learn the basic counters you feel like you have already won the game. Also their recent business practices with day 1 DLC, preorder bonuses etc really upset me, especially considering how terrible Rome 2 was at launch. If they put more effort into their AI they would have a near perfect game! :(
  16. Sakonosolo

    Sakonosolo New Member

    Civilization isn't strictly a turn based strategy game, it's a 4x game. And it's one of the simpler ones. My personal favorite turn based strategy/tactics game is X-COM Apocalypse. Never was really able to play RTS well but I do think Cossacks is my favorite out of the ones I've played.

    I like turn based (and 4x) better since as I said I'm not very good at RTS. Don't really care about historical accuracy, though if a game wants to be historical in some way it should be accurate.

    I'd love to get into grand strategy but even with tutorials I've never been able to really play any for very long.
  17. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    It is interesting that the Company of Heroes franchise is not mentioned.
  18. Hippie

    Hippie Active Member

    I hate the random chance mechanics of that game. Because the number of units you can have is very small, you can lose entire games because your enemy got a lucky shot on your tank.
  19. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    Same in Cossacks and most others. It is the luck of the game, war and everything else in life.
  20. Hippie

    Hippie Active Member

    Not really. As far as I can recall the age of empires series had very few "dice rolls" (apart from the priests) and cossacks has so many units on the screen at one time that any chance based mechanics end up averaging out. The issue I had with company of heroes is that you don't have that many units so if someone gets a lucky shot you can lose the game through something you had no control over. It's very frustrating to play for me.
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