Cossack Annihilation archers & cavalry update changelog

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Wralth, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    This thread will be updated as i add in more content:

    Added Druzhina (Armored Mounted Archer) to Russia
    Added Qapukulu (Cataphract) to Turkey
    Added Rumeli Sipahi (Cloth Reiter) and Bedouin (Fast Cavalry Dragoon) to Algeria
    Added Turcopole (Mounted Archer) and Heavy Archer (Armored Infantry) to European Nations

    This will make algeria have a gunpowder unit, but its unlikely that ill give them a proper gun upgradepath since it will be the only unit they get anyways.

    Tatar buffed (350 => 500 damage; 50% => 100% bonus damage vs musket cavalry)
    Touareg adjusted (-10 sword/30 pike armor => 30 sword /-10 pike armor)
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    How are your CA use stats going? Are you getting a good uptake? I am rather worried about the whole C3 player base TBH. The stats do not look good and English language players are only about 20% of entire player base.
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    No idea, i hardly play and when i do its with friends and not other users
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    Wralth Active Member

    Update: Piemonte is finally planned with its unique units and will roll out in the next patch together with some other changes.

    Unique Piemontese units (subject to change):

    Crociato: Heavy Reiter variant with heavy focus on defensive stats and an exceptional health pool.
    Consecrated Dragoon: Canistrone variant produced at the temple. Holy water canister shots hit units in an area and penetrate armor, but take vastly longer to reload.
    Padre: Longest range priest with very high heal per proc, but longer reload, making them inefficient at healing infantry.
    Mitragliani: 18th century bayonetted shotgunner designed for close combat. (might be given to venice, or both)

    Other changes:

    French Kingsmusketeers will also shotgun units from now on.
    Scotland will also get a mounted archer and possibly 1-2 more swordsmen.
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  5. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    One thing id like to point out is that im clearly deviating from my initial idea of making piemonte the opposite of venice, giving them defensive cavalry and offensive infantry while venice has defensive infantry and offensive cavalry.

    Instead, piemonte will focus more on its healing and defensive variety while venice will have a lot more firepower, but with less potent priesthood.
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