Cossacks 3 Championship - Grand finale is coming! Sunday 18:00

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Warren, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Warren

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    Great and small finale this Sunday at 18:00 CET!

    The first Cossacks 3 Polish Championship is coming to the end. There are only five players remaining - the finalist [PKS]Mad, [GP] Sir_Artius (3rd place game) and [GP] Konda, who is waiting for his semi-final opponent: [GP]Warren or [-WN-]Stalman.

    The final matches will start at 18:00. We will start with the small finale, after which we draw the full version of Cossacks 3 and upgrade the basic version of the game to Deluxe Edition! (Thanks GSC team!) The event is scheduled to finish around 22:00.

    All matches you can watch on - Oficjalny Kanał YouTube. Finals will probably also be streaming by our colleague Prosty_Gra on his YT channel.

    Want to win the full version of Cossacks 3? Or maybe you want to enjoy all the new extras for free with Deluxe Edition? Take part in the prize draw in our contest! For more information, see here: Wytypuj Mistrza Cossacks 3 i zgarnij grę! (only in polish, but Google Translator take it easy ;p)

    Other important links:

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  2. Warren

    Warren Active Member


    18:00 CET (19:00 Kiev and Moskva) - Final [PKS]Mad vs ??? (propably [GP]Konda) and after this: 3rd place match: [GP]Sir_Artius vs ??? (propably [-WN-]Stalman). You can watch here: - Oficjalny kanał YT and here: Prosty_Gra.
  3. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    Now is live streaming from 3rd game:
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