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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bodun, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Bodun

    Bodun Administrator Staff Member

    Dear friends!

    We are glad to announce Cossacks 3: Path to Grandeur, a valiant addition to the Cossacks series that will be released on May 16th.

    Path to Grandeur will allow you to participate in glorious wars, marching through half of the Europe and battling the greatest empires of an era. DLC would introduce two new nations, 8 unique units, amusing campaigns and more!

    Main features:
    • Ottoman campaign: Take part in greatest battles of Köprülü era and lead the Ottoman to grandeur.
    • Spanish campaign: Become an Ambrogio Spinola. Demonstrate your wits in sieges of mighty fortresses and calm mind in fiery battles.
    • New unique Units:
      - 17th century Pikeman
      - Jaeger
      - Unique Shipyard

      - Hajduk
      - Grenzer
      - Grenadier
      - Hussar (available in 17th century)

      - Sipahi (heavy armored cavalry)

      - Coselete (one of the strongest pikemen)
    • New climatic zone: Get ready to fierce battles among great sands under the scorching desert sun.
    • New nations: Highly anticipated by our players Hungary and Portugal are returning to game and entering the battlefields, each with its own custom soundtrack.
    Hungary and Portugal would be available to all our players in two weeks after release of the DLC. Owners of Deulxe Edition or DLC would be able to use them since 16th May, while other players will get access to these nations for free on 30th of May.

    This DLC is part of the Deluxe Edition.

  2. 5||901234||123457||

    5||901234||123457|| New Member

    Still no Rodeleros...?
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  3. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    In Cossacks 1 - Hungary have more cavalry units - Kuruc and Mounted Pandur. What about them?
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  4. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Haha would be too much fun! Austrian Roundshiers vs Spanish Rodelos
  5. wolfsfuchs

    wolfsfuchs New Member

    very nice...... great job! Are there any picture or drawings of the new units? It would be nice to have a clue what we will get.
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  7. antonEU

    antonEU Member

    when its gonna be released
  8. Zakxaev68

    Zakxaev68 Active Member

    As usual for GSC might be delayed by ''slight bit'' due unforeseen circumstances, mhhhmmh. While Steam does release at certain hours, most cases in the evening, for my time-zone it's 5 hours remaining.
  9. Alexunder

    Alexunder New Member

    Nice, looking forward to play with those.
    Deluxe edition, became suddenly quite handy. :D
  10. Marius

    Marius Member

    Turkey and Algeria should be given baloons also, the reason no one plays these nations are because of no balloon.
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  11. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    People don't like Turkey now because they are totally nerfed. Their tatars are very weak now and cannot destroy any enemy units even in big groups.
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  12. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Yes , Tatars should be stronger esspecialy in big groups. They also should recruit faster.
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  13. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Tatars were much stronger. Turkey was strong nation before these updates, but now it sucks.
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  14. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Well I suggest in one of patches to revamp Turkey. To give them 18c , stronger units in long game , few unique upgrades and ofc Balloon :) . About Balloon the funniest thing is some Cossacks can get it while Technologically advanced Ottoman empire doesnt even know what baloon is :-D
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  15. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    I remember in one interview after cossacks 3 release was mentioned about adding military reform to Ottomans, which would allow them to recruit XVIII units. I suggested it many times, Ottoman for example would recruit Nizam-i-cedid infantry.
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  16. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Since here is no fusiliers , militia and similarvunits. Its enoughnto given18c musketeer and similar unit for turks :)
  17. Marius

    Marius Member

    It should be out now! But it's not :(
  18. antonEU

    antonEU Member

    kants eichel war dick
  19. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    You're right. Turkey need too review again and make more units. Koprulu era very special time for Turkey and They reorganized Turk armies and got better results. Turkey needs fusilier or equivalent units. They are very very weak in the game now. Developers got to do something. Tatar force auxiliary force for Turks army. Turkey needs own mounted archer and other cavalry units. For example fast cavalry Akinci, Delli and maybe elit Kapikulu. Reign of the 3. Selim, he thought these reforms instead of old-fashioned, useless janissary corps. Well-discipline,well trained Nizam-ı Cedit period army was shortlived but It gave an idea for Sultan 2. Mahmut new army.

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    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  20. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Nizam-i-cedid was something like 18c french musketter, but in turkish version ;)
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