cossacks staff! we want to test the game!!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by finalfantasy1st, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member


    To whom may it concerns :

    in my name and the name of all the active members of this forum!

    we want to test the game after all this waiting! you should reward us !!! :rolleyes:

    who is with me??????
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  2. Aquila

    Aquila New Member

    Well, I've just received an e-mail:

    "Thank you for submitting your form to participate in the beta test of Cossacks 3!

    Your information has been successfully added to our testers database. We will contact you if you would be chosen to participate in the next wave of the beta test.

    To show you our gratitude for your support we’ve prepared a special gift. You will be informed about it in the near future!

    We are also proud to announce the release date of the game! Cossacks 3 will launch worldwide on 20th of September 2016. A C3 Steam page is now available as well.

    Pre-order of the game will be opened in the nearest future.

    Best regards,

    GSC Game World Team"
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  3. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    Nice but you must know, when you play a beta respect NDA.
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  4. Aquila

    Aquila New Member

    It's not my first beta testing, so I know the rules. But first they have to choose me, so far it's only an information that they accepted my application and that I may be or may not be chosen in the near future.
  5. Styo

    Styo Active Member

    Interesting, I was literally the 1st or 2nd to sign up for Beta, and have yet to see any email regarding it...
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  6. I received the same letter this morning, I wonder what the "special gift" is? I hope to get accepted in the next wave of testing but If I don't with release only being 2 months away I can wait.
  7. TheCautiousOne

    TheCautiousOne New Member

    In the Forums, there doesn't seem to be that many People (Though I do not know a true number) but I would love to be able to participate!

  8. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    Yes, I received this email too!

    I hope we selected as testers of the game!!:):)
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  9. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    I think that special gift is setam gift.
  10. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

  11. ☭Michael_Myers☭

    ☭Michael_Myers☭ New Member

    yeah a steam gift would be great !
  12. maxu

    maxu New Member

    Knock knock, less than a week until September 20th :)
  13. kannerke

    kannerke Member

    and still no pre-order....
  14. Ploppy

    Ploppy Member

    There will be no preorder, instead there will be an 'early bird' bonus.

    Start the game during the first 2 weeks of release to receive the following early bird bonuses
    - Additional mini campaign for single player.
    - 2 unique mercenary units (skins) that could be hired from the every nation’s Diplomatic Centre.
    - A special Early Bird Badge visible in multiplayer shell.
  15. [hwk]ladylauren

    [hwk]ladylauren New Member

    Back when the original game came out and if there was a delay no one would moan but why does it seem now in 2016 that is all we get. As Ploppy kindly put and Kannerke if you read anything instead of posting you would of seen that there will be no pre-order.
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