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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Johny, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Johny

    Johny Member

    In past few weeks we gained the knowledge for creating custom map and scenario. Adding your own missions in game is now a available and it can also be added a special folder for them. But the problem is that it's not user friendly and you need to place some filed in folders, six of them rewrite in locale editor and add short structure in .cfg file, and for that you need extra code reader (for example Sublime Text).

    That's not really big deal for adding one mission, but rewriting everything for another one that we want to add is really annoying. So I stared to thing about something that will be able to rewrite these files, create a code structure by itself and sort the mission in camapgin menu where it belongs.

    This topic follow up on the "Random finding about editor" topic, but because it's solving a specific problem, I created a special place fot it.

    The main problem of this is I'm not a professional programmer. I can read a code, I understand some stuctures, I can rewrite some paths etc. but I can't make a mod or solid program by myslef. My programming lessons ended with bacic C and that was three years ago. Now I'm operating with Matlab and that is made for absolute different programing.
    The second complication is I never done a mod and therefore I don't know how the mod files look like and what I actually need for it. I thought that "mods" folder contains some files of downloaded mods but there is only a script allowing them to use.
    And that's why I'm writing this. I would like you to help me with this problem. Advices, samples, images, codes, whole solutions, I take everyting you know better than me.

    First of all I want to retrace what you need for perfect working single mission:

    1) Your own map with scenario, that means:
    - + yourmap.aix files in Cossacks3/dlcs/yourmapfolder/data/maps/missions
    - that map folder must be create for step No.3

    2) Text to everything inside your map and scenario made by locale editor:
    - yourmap.txt + yourmap.lng files filled with @textsinsidemission
    - missions.txt + missions.lng files filled with + @camapgin.description + + @mission.description
    - missionplayers.txt + missionplayers.lng files filled with @mission.player1 etc.
    - all in Cossacks3/data/locale/yourcurrentlanguage/missions

    3) Created folder in menu for your own missions:
    - done by adding a structure in Cossacks3/data/game/var/camagins.cfg, for example:

    [*] : struct.begin
          Name = campagin
          Enabled = True
          Visible = False
          RequireToVisible =
          RequireFile = .\dlcs\yourmapfolder\data\maps\missions\
          LocaleName =
          LocaleDescr = camapgin.description
          LocalePath = .\data\locale\%lang%\missions\missions.lng
          Missions : struct.begin
             [*] : struct.begin
                Name = mission
                Enabled = True
                Visible = True
                RequireToVisible =
                LocaleName =
                LocaleDescr = mission.description
                MapPath = .\data\maps\missions\
                MapLocalePath = .\data\locale\%lang%\missions\mission.lng
    All of this must be done for adding your own game and I want to simplify it with creating a program that will be sorting and adding texts, code structures and maps inside the folders.

    Before I will propose a solution I have one simple question. How does exactly mod files look like? I didn't find them in my own PC. Are they distributed directly from Steam? If I want to release a program that directly from Steam can add something inside a file and place another ones in folders, how it should "looked like"?

    Now here are my for now basic descriptions of solutions for this problem. Depends on if we want to have this program on:

    1) Steam wokrshop as a part of it
    - workshop is wider, more available and more known platform
    - initial file with program would create a place for new missions, everyone would download it
    - then player would only upload all files, and you would donwload them and the program would automaticaly add text with code and place the files where they belong.

    - due to lack of knowledge I can't imagine the concept and content of program inside workshop yet
    - everyone need to own the inital program

    2) Forum as a personal program with own GUI
    - I can imagine creating a program with simple GUI (as it's in locale editor) with easy commands like: add, create, save etc.
    - player would open it, choose files and the program would place them automatically again

    - there is a few active members in this forum, people would not notice this program

    Before this I have another project on my table to this is more like idea then actuall focusment. If you have anything to say for this topic I beg you to do it. I count every advice, idea or opinion.

    Thank you, Johny.
  2. Johny

    Johny Member

    I just want to tell you that I'm making my own custom mission. There were several problems, for example my GPU died, so the mission will be done mabye on the end of October I hope. There is only one neutral picture for you, I don't want to spoil anything. :)

  3. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Good luck on your mission. Will it be an historical mission or one out of your imagination ? In both case I look forward to try it.
    The picture hint at a polish and ukrainian campaign, unless you choose the building purely for their look.
  4. Johny

    Johny Member

    It will be a real place (without historical value) with imaginary scenario placed in the middle Europe. In mission you will find Polish, Autrian and Ukraine troops and mabye some units from Russia. And of course the building look quite middle-european. And they are also good object for manipulation in Editor. Some building just can't be settled properly.
    It's nice to hear that you will give it a try. I tired to make surface based on real place, but the result is that it's a big map, thus it suffer on FPS drops and large amount of objects. I've done one optimalization and after release of the map I want to continue on it and polish it.


  5. Johny

    Johny Member

    UPDATE: The surface of the map is finally finished and now I'm starting to program scenario itself. The work continue quite slow due of my master thesis."It's always fun and no annoying monotonous work." - said no programmer ever. :D Ps: Never make a fortress with eight gates, two are enough. ;-)



  6. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    I am glad that someone is still alive and working on modding the game, keep up the good work my dude, you're the sort of person that keeps a community alive, and this game is one of the many that desperately need it.
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  7. Johny

    Johny Member

    UPDATE: The scenario is almost complete and now I'm making final testing and creating the dialogs...

    ...which means I need a advice from you. The map as a file itself will have cca 160 MB. That means I need to find a solid free online storage for upload.
    Any ideas?
    Next option is to release these files as a mod in workshop. But it's quite complicated and the main still-playing comunity is here on forum. So putting everything here is better due of notifications and also it requires a manual for setting it on.

    So please wait the last 7-14 days and do not lose hope for this project.

    Cossacks is love, cossacks is life.

    Best regards,

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  8. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Simplest cloud solution I'm using is dropbox, but there are other alternatives like mediafire I think it was called, or just media. It's a really weird single word site that's all in red but I keep forgetting it's name, not sure if it really is media or something else with M.

    File front also recently got resurrected from the dead, maybe it's a good option. I never personally used it myself but I know for a fact a lot of modders used it before it's closure, back in 2016 I think.
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  9. Johny

    Johny Member

    UPDATE: I'm going to create a new Dropbox folder just for people on this forum. It will contain my map and accessories. I will give full rights (upload, download, create, delete) to everyone who will send me email adress. No bullshit here, it works direclty with mail adresses, so wihtout it you can't even see the folder.

    So please send me you email adress (AT LEAST ONE VOLUNTEER HERE, he can download it and mabye find better cloud solution) for making this project. Thank you.

    UPDATE2: My apologise, it works also with link:

    everyone with this link can operathe with the files, do not misuse it!
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  10. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    When I open your link it does send me to CS3 forum but the folder is empty. Maybe the files are still private to you.
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  11. Johny

    Johny Member

    Yeah, sorry I forgot to say that there are no files at this moment :D. Planned release will be soon. Wait until sunday!
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