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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Stu, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Ebel

    Ebel Moderator Staff Member

    K, so the short explanation:
    1. Go to view-> turn on "Pattern mask"
    This will show you what is part of the pattern and what not (Reverse pattern in this case):
    2. Plant some trees and whatever you want on the map. Textures, etc...
    3. Go to the pattern mask options and use 'draw' to paint the red mask. Everything you paint red won't be part of the pattern. If you make many patterns, use mask size and paint the map red, then use clear to only include what you want, its a bit faster this way.
    4. Draw a rectangle around the part you want in the pattern (yellow line) in ss above.
    5. Click create pattern, give it a name.
    6. After pressing ok, a new option box will open. Most options are good by default, except one : PatternmaskReverseStand. Make sure this is ticked on or else, if these patterns are used for random map generation (needs to be defined) you might see these patterns spawn in water, which is obviously not desired. Once in a while this option box will dissapear before you can actually make changes , if it happens, you can change the option in the file it saves to (data\pattern\pattern.lib)
    7. Click on the Save Patterns (this might take a bit as it's resaving all the patterns, which is quite a bit)
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  2. Stu

    Stu Active Member

    Please do not worry, I was wondering the same myself and Ebel, thank you for the explanation. When you create an area of terrain that you intend to duplicate (fields are a great example), this method allows you to capture the area and simply paste it again. Great time saver. I suspect Ebel that you know quite a lot about the map editor from your posts. If you have time could you add this wonderful tip to the Map Making Guide I have posted and any more nuggets of information that you may have as well.
  3. Original-Cossacks-Player

    Original-Cossacks-Player Active Member

    Have you gone any further with this Stu? Would be interested how far you went with these maps?
  4. Original-Cossacks-Player

    Original-Cossacks-Player Active Member

    BTW I think this next big patch update we await will finally come with the proper map editor we have been waiting for so we can finally create and play custom maps in multiplayer.
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  5. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

    Here's hoping.;)
  6. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    I think after huge upgrade, we can talk:)) Where is upgrade? I thought about Season clash, like a one month ago and they promised huge upgrade after season clash::))
  7. We can guess it'll bring Mac version, MP saving, Victoria battleship, map editor, LAN and Half Life 3 demo
  8. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

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