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    I did hope the game would be released before Christmas but seems they need some extra time and let them better have it instead of rushing them to release a Microsoft Windows ( unfinished ) product. I was long annoyed by the imbalances and some of the issues and decided to do a small re balancing mod myself. It is intended for higher realism but will seriously change tactics, especially the pick and attack anything on the way tactics.

    This mod requires Imperia to be pre-installed. So, the changes:

    17c infantry

    - european pikemen/spearman/ottoman pikeman ( from now on referred as 17c pikemen ) attack increased
    - all 17c pikemen defense increased to balance attach increase
    - armoured pikemen defense against slashing ( depicted as sword in the unit attack ) increased
    - shot defense of armoured pikemen increased ( early musketeers are effective only at close range. After academy firepower upgrades their efficiency increases significantly ).
    - armoured pikemen defense against arrow increased
    - British have best archer but with seriously decreaed attack. Increased health.
    - roundshier has increased attack, defence and the best defence against firepower and arrows. Attack changed to slashing.
    - kazak has increased attack and defense. Attack changed to slashing.
    - Ottoman pikemen/Polish pikemen have increased defense
    - Light infantryman has increased attack. Attack changed to slashing.
    - All mercenaries have increased prices but much better stats and slower building time. Idea is to play higher role on the battlefield. Many are stronger than untrained ( no drill upgrades ) infantry. Hard to use in early rushes as they cost a few times more gold and can somewhat delay the development if aggressively used in the early stages.

    17c cavalry

    - Riders have increased defense against slashing. Defense against arrow and firearms increased but lower than that of armoured pikemen ( it is easier to shoot the horses, remember Crecy ). Defense against piercing ( pikes or trusting attack ) is low. Attack is piercing - they use broadswords and look like they`re trusting with them on the animation. Although costly, but Rider formations can brake through pikemen formations with U formation ( slowest moving speed ). *

    *Defense/attack of pikemen versus heavy cavalry is done so if pikemen are not in a formation they stand no chance against heavy cavalry. If they`re in formation and cavalry is sent unorganized, pikemen would slaughter them. If both are in formation and you select the correct one for the cavalry, heavy cavalry can brake through the pikemen but economically this would be somewhat inefficient.

    - Dragoons have slightly reduced building time ( minor change )
    - Swedish riders have higher damage than Riders but use a slashing attack
    - Vityaz use a mace. I gave it piercing attack as mace delivers blunt trauma and armour does not help much, although on the animation it looks like they`re slashing.
    - Don cossack - increased cost ( food only ), slightly increased health and very high piercing attack ( they use a lance ). They were among the best light cavalry back ten so here you go. Effective against other cavalry due to piercing attack.
    - Winged hussar - increased defense against slashing and projectiles of any kind. Increased defense against piercing attack - this is the only cavalry unit that can break through pikemen formations without being into a formation and they do it well. Historically this is exactly what they did - a frontal charge which worked. Health is increased back to its original value. Attack is piercing.
    - Sich cossack - attack is slightly increased and is slashing.
    - Tatar - seriously decreased arrow damage.*
    * arrow units like the British archer and tatars still do enough damage to unarmoured infantry and can kill them in about 2-3 shots. Armoured and well trained units have to take about 10 shots or so. Remember what a bunch of 100 archers did to a formation of pikemen - now they still kill and reduce the health but not as nuke-warhead like as they were.
    - Croat - attack slightly increased, building time slightly decreased and attack changed to slashing.
    - Cavalier ( Britain ) - armour increased in accordance with the Riders but is slightly ( minor ) better. Attack is piercing.
    - Cavalry guard - reduced defense ( still higher than Riders, better than Cuirassiers too but only slightly and not a before ). Reduced cost of defense upgrades.
    - Light rider - attack slightly increased. Attack changed to slashing.

    18c infantry

    - reduced attack of all bayonet units ( if you don`t research the bayonet upgrade from the academy, they`re somewhat useless )
    - increased health of grenadiers and reduced building time
    - grenadiers have stronger melee attack than musketeers but are worse shooters in terms of range and usually damage ( some exceptions apply )

    18c cavalry

    - Cuirassiers have increased defense against sword. Attack changed to slashing.
    - Hussars attack changed to slashing.*
    - Mounted chasseurs attack changed to slashing.

    * Light cavalry now would play mostly a harassment/raid/undefended musketeer charge role. It is very effective against a disorganized fleeing enemy and musketeers with no protection. Good against 17c and 18c dragoons. Very ineffective against formations of pikemen and heavy cavalry.

    19c infantry

    - Saxon musketeers have strong shot, lower but not much worse than their 18c counterpart. Cost is increased.
    - French infantry of all types is boosted. Guards - best in the game.
    - Russian infantry has weaker shot but better than average health
    - Guards of all nations have increased firepower and range
    - 19c fusilier has higher range and accuracy than the 18c counterpart
    - 19c grenadier has slightly higher range than their 18c counterparts. Grenadiers build much faster but cost more and are in general poor shooters but strong in hand to hand combat.
    - Sappers have increased damage and the best range of all units ( they use rifles )
    - Swedish infantry has better than average health
    - Ottoman chasseur damage increased. Cost increased too.

    19c cavalry

    - Cuirassiers have their attack changed to slashing. Even tougher defense against firepower.
    - Dragoons have slashing attack now
    - 19c Mounted chasseurs attack increased and now have slashing attack
    - 19c hussars ( Russia ) attack increased and now have slashing attack
    - Uhlans have high piercing attack and can be effectively used against dragoons, light infantry formations and light cavalry. They`re countered by heavy cavalry and are not very effective against infantry in squares. Poland and Austria have the best Uhlans. Increased cost.
    - Light dragoon attack slightly increased and changed to slashing
    - Horse guards attack changed to slashing


    - cannons damage increased. They can easily destroy buildings if the fortification upgrades are not done. If done, they still can but will need a lot of time. Cost increased.
    - howitzers damage increased. Range increased. Cost too :)
    - Mortar damage increased by 10%. Cost increased ( almost doubled ).


    - Food production seriously reduced. Only the Ottomans and Ukraine can produce the original amounts of food.
    - Stone extraction efficiency reduced to 200%-270% depending on the nation and balanced by wood extraction efficiency.
    - Wood extraction efficiency reduced to 200%-300% depending on nation. Russia and Sweden would be better off trading wood instead of stone where Piemonte and the Ottomans would be better off trading stone.
    - Mine importance increased - upgrades cost reduced and some nations can have more workers in a mine ( Ukraine, Russia, Sweden ).
    - gold mining upgrades from the academy are now reduced to 150%-300% with some small exclusions ( Saxony has higher bonus on these mechanisation upgrades )
    - Imperia upgrade cost increased ( so going to the 19c needs far more resources )
    - Fishing boat efficiency for some nations increased ) Turkey, Spain, Piemonte, Sweden )
    - Forge new sabres and broadswords upgrade from blacksmith affects only units using slashing attack

    * Now the problem I encountered. While the tweaks are done and effective in the gameplay, they do not show up correctly ( still showing "stone extraction 4 times when it is actually 250% for example ). Can anyone help me fix this? I would alo want to change some names and use the original historical names - for example 19c Sappers - they could be called "Rifles" for the English, "Sappeur" for the French and so on.

    I am sharing this mod with you so if anyone wants to try it, I would happily send you the modified .gs files ( or upload them somewhere ).

    I also need some help to make it better as we have 2 more months until C3 comes out and I believe if this one turns successful and is liked, can help us design the first C3 mods in an easier manner.
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