GSC why no updates?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Original-Cossacks-Player, Sep 18, 2015.


    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    thanks for the reaction!
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  2. Hussar

    Hussar New Member

    There is no game has given me as many hours of enjoyment as Cossack2 BFE I am anxiously waiting for the next evolutionary step in the series.
    Let us know the moment any info is available. Wait -- did you say closed Beta Nooooooooooo
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  3. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Closed Beta is a type of Beta, it does not mean that the beta is closed. Do not get confused.
  4. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    If I know so "closed" beta it means they invite you (players) into the closed beta, they will choose you (players).
  5. [WW]Prototype

    [WW]Prototype Active Member

    i wish some tournament,or something like, to test who is playing better C1,and then to select someone,and admit the betters players to beta!)))
  6. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    No. Definitely no, that is unfair. What if someone was really good at the game but he stopped playing it because its been 15 years since it's original release? Screw them? Just like they said before they will pick the beta testers from the most active people on facebook and on the forums(and other social media, they said). This is the most reasonable and logical way of choosing beta testers as these are the people that are most likely to put in a lot of time into the game and to be looking into the details of it that need to be changed modified or left intact. The fact that you are good at the game or not doesn't actually make you a better beta tester because the game will be release to a crowd of people as a "new game" so most people would be "new to the game" therefore they will most likely suck and would not be represented by the best Cossacks 1 players. Also we are yet to know if your being good in Cossacks 1 would make you just as good in Cossacks 3. Many things that we do not know about have probably changed. Do not forget that being good at a game doesn't make you a good critic of it.

    To have a proper crowd for testing they need:
    -People who never played the game or any RTS before.
    -People who never played the game but played RTS before
    -People who have technical knowledge about games
    -People who have played the game before
    -People who will share the game with new communities (twitch streamers, journalist from gaming sites, youtube channels...ect)
    -Experienced players
    -Random people that are possible buyers of the game.

    I was just saying because he said Nooooo as if "closed beta" was a bad thing.
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  7. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    The developers has already announced that they will be using people from the community with a wide range of experience, from beginner to expert. From those who play only multiplayer, and those who only play the AI and missions.

    So we can expect to get a good mix. And all aspects of the game will be tested well before release.
  8. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    No updates .... maybe because they're worried about making the game and delivery dates?

    Just sayin.
  9. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    GSC announced release date in 4Q2015. That could mean that customers could expect C3 game even today.
    However there are not this game, any delivery dates and no any real updates. What the ... is going on there?
  10. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    The last release date I heard was for December.

    But a beta would come before that.

    Who knows beta may already be in full swing, Since it is a closed beta. But I assume they are running ether behind or very close to schedule. So until they have time discuss it with us we will have to endure the silence.

  11. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    I personally think they are running behind just because of the fact they planned to have a pre-order up on steam back in July-August. Now we are in October. Hopefully everything works out though and the game still releases this year. Hype has died down alot with the lack of updates recently but still my most anticipated game coming out followed closely by Fallout 4.
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  12. Original-Cossacks-Player

    Original-Cossacks-Player Active Member

    After not being on here for some time due to lack of updates, I thought I'd check out the "News and Updates" thread expecting a mass of new screenshots and videos of the progress of the game. I was greatly disappointed to find hardly any updates in 4 months!
    It appears to me that this game was probably announced way too early. I think The start of January 2016 would have been the better time to announce the game, as now GSC have progressed with the core parts of the game and could now post a lot more new information and screenshots.
    Me personally would have preferred the game announced in January now rather than leave all of us in limbo for so long.
  13. Sapper

    Sapper New Member

    Hey don't force them!
    They need time to create a great game,you want fast so just went to google and search "stupid game"
    Not just YOU, WE wait together!
  14. Original-Cossacks-Player

    Original-Cossacks-Player Active Member

    Who said anything about forcing them?
    I don't care if the game takes 2 years to complete, all most of us are asking for is updates, screenshots, a developers blog etc.
    My point is, GSC were just a bit premature announcing the game, my view is that they should have announced it around now.
    Anyways it's not that relevant, the games been announced, it just lacks updates,
  15. Sapper

    Sapper New Member

    Too much news about games make it become "nothing special"
    So I repeat "just keep waiting and the game will release soon"!
  16. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    If we consider that, there are just 50 developers and they are working hard on the game more than 2,1 years and it is really impressive in so a small number of developers!

    So please be patient :)
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  17. HDzSeb

    HDzSeb New Member

    If you want news and updates about Cossacks 3, you just have to send them questions on the official page of Cossacks 3 and they will answer it !
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  18. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    You can send questions us here on the forum and we'll give you an answer, if we could)
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  19. Jazzy B

    Jazzy B New Member

    Again im saying this please show us some screenshots or gameplay footage. You are just killing the hype developed by this game by giving no fruitful updates.
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  20. Gamer

    Gamer New Member

    Yeah, i would (we would) like to see some screenshots. That would be enough for now, more than enough. :)
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