GSC why no updates?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Original-Cossacks-Player, Sep 18, 2015.

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    This is a suggestion. It would be possible for GSC to post weekly updates. Most development companies internally have coding and testing schedules. Then they would usually mark off what was actioned that week. A short summary of this in non-technical terms (excluding all in-confidence information) would keep people in the picture maybe.
  2. Tsuki

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    GSC are not mostly and they do things their way respect their choice pls
  3. Field Marshall

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    He is respecting their choice. He is only suggesting a method that is much more effective than what they use now. I am sure that GSC doesn't mind suggestions and this one will make their community much more attracted to their game.

    I know quite a bit about development as I have worked in the industry for more than a year now and I can tell you that bad marketing is bad regardless of how much progress you are making with your game. The most important part of making games to be sold are the customers If the game has no community buying it then the game will fail to have a large amount of customers. One of the biggest failures of developers is being too caught up in making their game that they forget about the community and by the time they are ready to release people are not hyped enough to make large numbers of people buy it and so customers think twice before spending their money. I know I will.
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