I suggest making a Mac port as promised?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by magecoerlin, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. magecoerlin

    magecoerlin New Member

    People paid for this game on the promise they would be able to play. You've claimed there is a mac beta in progress, and yet I've heard from not a single person in that beta about what is going on. Even if under NDA, they should make known that they are part of this beta, and it isn't just a blatant lie concocted to distract from the lack of a native mac release.

    Anyone? Please?
  2. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    I learned this lessons a long time ago.

    NEVER, NEVER buy something in advance. Buy something if the game is ready and you tuber, friends, magazines what so ever tell you that the game is playable and not filled with bugs.

    Of course I can understand the anger people have. Just look at the last 10 or so facebook posts from cossacks, Half of them or so are asking for mac but there is no response from the developers. At the beginning there will comments like soon, but right now no comments.

    So I think that Mac will never come.
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