Is Russia too strong early game?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by kaiser_frisia, Oct 22, 2016.


Should Russia be nerfed?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. LordWeider511

    LordWeider511 Member

  2. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    That is what I suspected. Try it with 1000 resources. I would venture to say that your conclusions change.
  3. LordWeider511

    LordWeider511 Member

    There is no difference which starting recources. When you start from 1000 you primary aim is second CC for peasants, 1 barack, then Diplo center. Allways! I add more. Russia diplo is very expensive. If he didn't build 2 baracks or 3 on base he have not chance against your cavalry from diplo. You build 20-25 cavlry then light turkey infantry. If he goes on you he will dead. You just kill his economy to zero. He newer goes on your without draguns and diplo. Russia primary very defensive, not offensive nation....
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  4. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    I certainly bow to your superior and absolute knowledge. I believe you are saying that whoever gets a diplomatic center up first will win the game no matter what the actual "nation" you are playing does or doesn't do.
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