Key changes in the re-balance patch

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ferox, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member


    I believe General WVPM is working on that aspect.

    One problem is a line of muskets directly behind a line of pikes. At very close proximity, someone or more than one should fall from friendly fire.
  2. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    I think this could be limited to the type of formation. Typically, a 3 row line formation should be capable of firing. And pikemen are supposed to protect musketeers from cavalry and melee attacks, so their place is in the formation, not ahead of it. Sounds eay to write but I am no codemaster ot know if tis possible, you have the say :)
  3. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Aside from making land units recognise the obstacles in front of them, you'd just have to change the unit widths in their .object files - I had these set at 0.2 so that at max two rows could fire, but if set lower a whole regiment should be able to shoot, while regiments behind wouldn't owing to the mass of men infront of them
  4. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    Oh, so is this the patch that DESTROYED the 18c dragoons?

    I've been looking all over this forum to find that rediculous nerf, well hidden.

    First nerf Serdiuks, then nerf Dragoons.
    Was that done for those 5 people who want to play Algeria in a 20 PT no artillery game?
    Those who don't play and can't play but can keyboard-warrior on forums all the better.

    As a result people complain about OP Rambo serdiuks, because dragoons no longer stand a chance and are absolutely useless.

    In this Paper-Scissors-Rock game, lets make more paper, nerf the scissors and please NO ROCKS, noo, Rocks crush me, rocks require gameplay skill, no more rocks please.

    but "seriously"
    In rebalancing, why not make every shooter in the game have the same build time and the same fire power, all cold steel units have the same hitpoints per buildtime ratio,
    oh and have the market at fixed prices too,
    and of course no hills in flatland, or maybe even better....have fixed maps with every player starting on his own huge hill,
    that way you can make this game as boring as possible,
    that should raise rales no?

    Disclaimer: This post may contain sarcasm.
  5. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    I think that devs will balance serduks only ghen when Ukr will have new unots that will be far better than serdiuks :-D
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  6. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    Just 1 example of how Serdiuks are not OP:

    Serdiuks have effective shot vs "Courassiers in formation" of 25, (40-15=25)
    Chausseurs have effective shot vs Ukrain stable units in formation of 50 (51-12=50),
    the cheapness of the Cossacks House does not compensate for that.
    Because: Serdiuk traintime 11, Chausseur time 8.5
    8 Cossacks Houses vs 4 18th Barracks -> results in 17.5 VS 23 effective firepower per buildtimepoint
    with 5 18th barracks it's even 17.5 vs 28.8 in ADVANTAGE of CHAUSSEURS

    We can get into how Courassiers are about the best hitpoint/buildtime units in the game too. (Plz nerf.)
    Especially powerfull all around, now that hitpoints and effective firepower of the 18th c. dragoon has been decimated from 94-15 = 79 down to 58-15= 43 Almost in half.
    Netherlands Dragoon Firepower vs courassier: 46-15=31, So it takes 10 shots to kill a Courassier! Want to win? Don't build that unit!

    Or does some one send 1500 hussars and 1000 musketeers vs Ukraine and hope for the best,
    and ask for nerf if Ukraine wins.

    If you use the wrong units in the wrong way, you lose against good players,
    but if you (whoever feels addressed) realy knew how to play vs Ukraine, you would use artillery,
    Artillery brings balance and nothing needs nerf...well.. after undoing most of the previous nerfs...

    but oh wait , Artillery i say?
    NOooo NO ROCKS in paper, scissors ROCKs plz nerf rocks,
    can we play "NO ROCKS in Paper, Scissors, Rock game plz? I want to play simple NOOB VERSION.
    With only OP Paper.

    Darnit, someone punched my sarcasm button again, triggered.
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  7. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    Lest we go down the oft traveled path of mental again, here are the facts as far as I can tell.

    Indications are that Dev support for the game will end on or about September 21 (about five weeks from now).
    They still have NOT made the game work with Macintosh computers which should be their priority.
    A little over 100,000 copies of the game have been licensed. Not a great number in a year and one that does not auger well for either continued support or release of further titles in the C3 series which should vastly improve the game as occurred with C2 (morale and friendly fire and fire options).
    If all units of a particular type had the same build time and shot power, etc., we would just be playing the same units with different skins.
    The shell lacks a feature to easily type to another person waiting for a game and the bare minimum of alphabetizing a list to be able to easily search for players known to you.
    Never mind being able to take over a nation being played by an ally who drops out before the game ends.
    There is no support whatsoever for those making mods from the devs.

    What I HAVE seen is devs taking the work of modders over the last year and changing the base game from a more or less flat market to a choice of no market or no diplo and modifying units in the vanilla game based upon countless hours put in by modders and their testers to improve the game.

    Once they get Mac to work with the game, it will be up to the few competent modders that we have to finish the game and change it into an interesting, more or less accurate depiction of the period, and enjoyable way to spend a few hours playing a good game when time permits.

    Frankly, all that I see different between C1 and C3 is better graphics. What I do not see, but am sure is there, is a better game engine. Fortunately, I do not have to save up my Euros or dollars to purchase a game, but I certainly empathize with those on a budget who are forced to do so.
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  8. [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje

    [AAC]Clay_Van0ranje New Member

    Yeah, that "" all units of a particular type had the same build time and shot power, etc."" was the sarcasm part.
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