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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Atem, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Emperor Highlander

    Emperor Highlander Highlander Staff Member

    I have the GeForce experiance app and it isn't causing me an issue at all. People who are having issues I do suggest putting v-sync on.
  2. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I am still having games where miners just disappear out of my mines for no reason. I have not emptied the mines and I have not run out of food so no starvation I don't think. I have taken to checking my mines regularly. When I complained of this in multiplayer chat, one wag wrote; "Your miners have delved too greedily and too deep!" I love Lord of the Rings references.

    A few players are complaining that enemy troops are invisible and their troops are fighting thin air. One of my opponents said this but I could see everything. I have not encountered this problem from the viewing end so I don't really know if it is really happening.

    The game is great overall. Keep the fixes and patches coming and it will be even greater! :D
  3. Emperor Highlander

    Emperor Highlander Highlander Staff Member

    Hi there, I too have been a bit confused by the miners disappearing it seems to be gold mines that are hit hardest.

    What I'll do is message the developers and say to them.
  4. Affro-Jojo

    Affro-Jojo Member

    I also have very very often problems of crashes with access violation messages. That's very annoying. I have a GTX 970 with the very last corresponding driver (Nvidia 372.90) and I run the game in Administrator and in fullscreen. The problem is only with Cossacks 3 and even more it seems with last updates, please fix it asap.
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  5. Hugojackson18

    Hugojackson18 Member

    I guys, I'm having the Access violation bug at STARTUP. I can't even launch the game anymore...

    Tried reinstalling it without any success.
    It has been doing it since the last 2 updates. It just wont start up anymore.

    Does anyone know the fix for this?...

    32gb Ram
    Full screen mode
  6. GeneralBS

    GeneralBS New Member

    I am also having the same issue with gtx960, Don't get the error message. Just fails to launch.
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