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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Ftoomsh

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    What we really need (I believe) is a Lag Fix Mod. I am sure I am not the only person playing internationally who when playing as client has problems with client lag. Is it possible to identify the main causes of excessive client lag and address them? The current vanilla script code seems to try to address lag effects but in a very clumsy way. Sometimes it seems to slow game speed automatically and sometimes it seems to skip writing unit animations and positions to screen. Sometimes it seems to do a mish-mash of both of these two procedures. All the while it still seems to be doing the purely mathematical and logical calculations of the state machine in the background. Could a more imaginative approach to lag solve any issues? Here are some suggestions. They might or might not make technical sense.

    1. Introduce a command lag up front. If ping is 250 ms (say) then lag the player's commands by 250 ms on his own screen. This then means (I think) that major formation movements on both screens will be much closer to synchronized.

    2. Determine which processes cause the most lag and graphical desynch. I suspect that shooting calculations and shooting sounds are a problem. Can the desynch caused by these be addressed?

    3. Clean up the code associated with game speed changes and skipping unit animations (if I am right about this happening). It seems a better approach to this is required.

    The above is very vague. I don't have the technical knowledge. But I suspect some lag in C3, or rather how it handles lag, could be repaired to some extent.

    Additional Info and Questions:

    What causes the most lag in C3? Any opinions?

    And for game slow-down are shooters the worst culprits? (That's my guess.) Would a longer reload make this slowdown better or worse?
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  2. YuchiRO

    YuchiRO New Member

    Good idea but no1 reply until me :)

    If i host a game, i play without problem and delay, but my friend has delay 2-3 second, and if my friend host this game i get same issue, delay 2-3 second. It's terrible :(

    Any help to resolve this LAG issue ?

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