Let's Remember old classics Cossacks 2: online battles

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lord Levan, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Lord Levan

    Lord Levan Member

    Battle of Ulm

    Cuirassiers vs Dragoons
  2. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    Are those American Conquest mods working under windows 7?
  3. Lord Levan

    Lord Levan Member

    Battle of Austerlitz

  4. Lord Levan

    Lord Levan Member

    Actually I dont know, maybe you contact Daddio.
  5. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    I have not tried them on a Win7, or 10 machine. But my guess would be that unless you have a modern version (Steam) of the game that they would not.

    But it would be worth a try. My guess is that they would work if the game already runs on Win7 or 10.
  6. Lorenzo Paoli

    Lorenzo Paoli Member

    They work, I tried them, but not with the higher resolution. Furthermore you may find a colors bug that is fixable.
  7. Lord Levan

    Lord Levan Member

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