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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Atem, May 25, 2015.

  1. Atem

    Atem Administrator Staff Member

    We would like to create comfort zone here to every user, so we are ready to open German branch of the forum. We would be happy to have one or two responsible German speaking users as moderators. Those who are interested in such kind of assistance please contact me.
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    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    i am interested. I am German and speak English fluently!
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  3. [KGR]Hitman

    [KGR]Hitman New Member

    Hey there,

    i can support Catty =)
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  4. Atem

    Atem Administrator Staff Member

    That is great, will send you personal message.
  5. [KGR]ALVO

    [KGR]ALVO New Member

    yes you speak english fluently and not even a thank you card for me? haha erm yes catty is a good mod i only know him for 9 years ;) if you need anymore let me know i am english so i could only mod the english section ;)

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    Without this person i wouldn't be half as good at English :) Alvo is the man!
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  7. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    I do not know any language except English, But I moderated the English cossacks board at CDV, and I am the current Cossacks2 moderator on the Cossacksworld board here.


    If you need someone to help on the English board I would offer my help.

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  8. DemonFrumpel

    DemonFrumpel Well-Known Member

    Hi there. If you need any other German moderator, i could give a hand. I live in Germany and speak good german. Besides english, russian and ukrainian.
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    LEUROPEEN Moderator Staff Member

    Hello Daddio! . How are you? Road to Cossacks3
  10. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Hello Leuropeen!

    Yes we are finally on the road again.

    I had almost given up.

    Good to see you on a Cossacks board again.

  11. Joker

    Joker New Member

    I can't believe it, after all these years, WE'RE BACK !!!!! And apparantly, their are already some familiar faces around here..... interesting hmmm :D
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  12. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    good to see you on the wild fields or better savage steppe again!


  13. [OC] Penwyn

    [OC] Penwyn New Member

    Isn't it wonderful @Joker ? You, @Daddio and me of course...:D

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  14. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Good to see you Penwyn, been a long time!
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  15. [OC] Penwyn

    [OC] Penwyn New Member

    It has indeed old friend @Daddio...I must be honest and say, that I would drop in and o0ccasionally view various Cossacks Forum posts and see you, still involved...but I just read and not would not respond...and now I regret that..
    This game looks like fun. eh wot ? Olde boy....:D

    cheers.....[OC] Penwyn/Jeff
  16. Joker

    Joker New Member

    Well, well, well, look who the cat dragged in ....... it'sssss Penwyn :D

    Good to see you once again old friend !! Hope life has been treating you kind ?
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  17. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    Have you found your moderator now ?
  18. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    Yes they have found one.

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  19. vladelukr

    vladelukr New Member

    Hi, I am reading this forum like a 2 days I'm very big fan of Cossacks (It is definiterly my Favourite strategy game) And I thought that I can help you with moderating in the spanish language (I'm from Ukraine but i live in spain like a 13 years) so if you need help contact me ^^ I hope the relese will be soon :D And one question ... will the game be in phisic format? Cuz i have the cossacks 1 european wars, cossacks anhology and cossacks 2 in discs and I want to buy the 3rd phisically <3

    PD: I can speak in English, Spanish, Ukranian and Russian.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2015
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