Looking for Cossacks communities!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Atem, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. [1CB]RuIm

    [1CB]RuIm Member

  2. Nemezki

    Nemezki New Member

    Rulm..dein Link funktioniert nicht..
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  3. [1CB]RuIm

    [1CB]RuIm Member

  4. Robinet91

    Robinet91 New Member

    Hi GSC team,

    I'm a big fan since the first cossacks, i play lot of on GOA, your servers and LAN with my friends ( <3 serdiuks ^^)

    i would really like to help you for the beta and i will so happy if i can test this game !

    Sure i havent community but i have lot of experience and i can be very active !

    See you soon i hope !

  5. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    this is english section, please can 1 moderator moderate?
  6. Hawk_v90

    Hawk_v90 New Member

    Hello, i would like to join for beta testing too.
    Big fan of Cossacks: Back to War & American Conquest: Fight Back:)
    I am not a part of any community, but I believe I have a little skill of testing (working as software tester).
  7. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member


    I'm alone :(
  8. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    Alone in a crowd, just like the rest of us.
  9. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    You can join my community. Click on the links in my signature. Together we can start a brand new powerful community driven by us with many epic mods.
  10. Oczek22

    Oczek22 Member

    Can i join too?
  11. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Sure, yes. All Cossacks and RTS lovers are welcomed, for now.
  12. Umbral

    Umbral Member

  13. WERY

    WERY Member

    I have been playing Cossacks for many years. I have beaten European Wars and Back to War and played a lot in the random map mode. AC: Fight Back has also been played a lot in the same mode. I intend to play C3 on Linux and would be happy, to beta test the game on a newly built computer, that has Linux installed on it

    I'm a great fan of C1 so the news on a new sequal, made me very happy. I am looking forward to help you out on this. I am currently not connected to any clan
  14. Joe Kraze

    Joe Kraze New Member

    Hi, I may not be part in a community but I've been playing all Cossacks games since I was a child and would really love to take part in this Beta. I'm 17 years old and usually game a bit but enjoy old school games :D. I haven't played Cossacks maybe in 1 year but since recently I got back into strategy games.
  15. Australian Magic

    Australian Magic Active Member

    I was not part of the C1 or C2 community (guess I was too young + I had many friend to play via LAN) but those were my golden times (especially C1 becasue C2 was really repullsive for me).
    I had around 1000 great hours with C1.

    As for my testing experience, I'm a part of Company of Heroes 2 community and I took part in all betas for this game so I know what's going on about testing :)
  16. Hippie

    Hippie Active Member

    I'm not part of a community other than this one, hopefully that will still be sufficient for a beta application.
  17. MR_47

    MR_47 New Member

    "Looking for cossacks communities" was created like 7 months ago, and still no news about beta-testing. Just wondering...

    Sorry for spam
  18. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member


    I want to be a beta tester not beacose im pro (everyone can say they are)
    im just simple casual player im not in any comunity
    i play with my friends on LAN using gameranger
    the games we play are:
    1. Cossacks art of war
    2. Americans Conquest Fight Back
    3.Cossacks 2 battle for europe (only me unfortunately)
    i have very small chanel on youtube same nick as forum Tsuki
    if i get to beta tests ill record every part of the game and increase my
    popularity on youtube im siencere and hate to lie so im telling truth
    i play this game from 2002 started with a demo wersion
    then in 2004 i got full version after begging my parents really
    even at this moment i play cossacks making my own maps
    just for fun of making small and large battles
    in my opinion beta tests needs casual players they will test game in
    many aspects not like you pros preparing builds for tournaments
    getting start ahead of others not that i care i dont plan to play in any

    that conclude my post in short i want to beta test this game beacose:
    1)youtube channel can skyrocket with popularity
    2)fan of the game
    3)will test every nation in game with videos on youtube

    hope you select me and make a succesfull game
    Best of Luck
  19. Joe Kraze

    Joe Kraze New Member

    I just want to add something again, I will probably not upload anything to youtube as I've never done that really and I don't like editing. I will just stream the beta to Twitch if it will be allowed and have fun :D
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