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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ftoomsh, Apr 13, 2020.

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    I hope you read this message. We had a game of State vs Country Plus 20 PT last night and you defeated me despite it being your first game in it. Well played!

    I am always keen for some further games as we are in the same time zone and same state so good ping!

    I like longer peace times too. Would you be happy to try 45 PT? Also we can try lower PTs as well. I think am a little better than my showing in that game. I made arquebusiers when I had 3 line fire set and double reload time set. Not a good choice on those settings. I am more used to longer PTs in State vs Country Plus and I can learn what units work better for short PTs.

    The game has a lot of potential with realistic line fire, no fire through friendlies and morale. I'd like to try some more player v. player State vs Country Plus games but I can't find any players.

    My steam name is Crazy_Cossack. Send me a steam friend invite. :)
    That invite also goes for any other good citizen and gentlemanly player of Cossacks 3.

    I play as [OC]Ftoomsh in Cossacks 3.
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