Looking for Native Speakers!

Discussion in 'Ankündigungen' started by Ferox, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Ferox

    Ferox Administrator Staff Member

    Dear friends!

    As you are certainly well-aware, our game supports close to a dozen of languages, that span all over the world. While we fully trust our translators, native speakers are always more informed about the nuances of their language, its specifics.

    As campaigns and missions in our games are based on real historical events, we strive to provide our players with the most immersive and authentic experience possible. A huge part of it is built with help of in-game dialogues and texts. To be sure, that our game is in its best form in every language, we need assistance from native speakers. We need help from you!

    We look for people fluent in German, French, Polish, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish or Spanish, that may aid us in making the game and upcoming DLCs/expansions better. We'll be eternally grateful for any assistance and such gratitude will transfer into pleasant bonuses and surprises for sure :)

    Thank you and have a nice day!

  2. AlexCaptain

    AlexCaptain Active Member

    Nice to see :)

    I helped with the last translation from English into German :)

    But my English is not good enough to help more.

    One thing is clear, I will help where I can ;)
  3. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    I'd like to help you with translations into german under certain conditions. I'm the one who did the german translation of this unit sheet:

    I found MANY weird translations ingame e. g.
    • "Königs Musketier". The right choice would be "Königlicher Musketier".
    • In Cossacks 3 the english and german word "Spakh" are identical despite the fact that in Cossacks 1 the german word was "Spahi"
    • Highlander was translated into „Hochländer“. I think that makes no sense, because the name probably originates from the scottish "Highlands" (Die schottischen Highlands)
    • Your translator seemed to have problems to choose between singular and plural occasionally.
    I'm kind of fluent in English. My accent is very strong, though. But I guess it wouldn't matter.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2016
  4. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    I'm brazilian and I could help with my native portuguese. :)
  5. Falc09

    Falc09 Active Member

    I could offer my help as well:

    native german, fluent english (part of my current job ;) ), very intertested in military history and currently playing C3 almost every day
  6. Dwargh

    Dwargh New Member

    I could be of help as well for I'm a german native speaker. Writing english translations is part of my job.
    Well, I found a few spelling and grammatical errors in the tutorials and in the descriptions of some units which I'd love to correct to preserve the right context. :)
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
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