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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Umbral, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Umbral

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    Hello GSC Game World and forum members,

    I am opening this topic in order to make a major central list of the best ideas that i or other people came across that simply work and give immense satisfaction to the player so that this game becomes the best RTS game one can possibly make and a global hit in terms of sales.

    Write your suggestions with maximum clarity.

    1. How to avoid piracy ?

    Did Cossack actually sold 2.5 million copies as a whole ?

    We want Cossack 3 to reach 10 million copies sold. How do we do that ?

    Steam sucks, and you need to sell Cossacks 3 on GOG too or other platforms that tax you less and allow you to sell the game DRM free. All DRM, no matter how complex, can be removed and all GSC games are well known for being heavily pirated.

    Make the game available internationally on your own site for 10 euro/dollars. That means 100 million euro/dollars if you reach the above goal. Give a unique key so you can play multiplayer on a dedicated GSC server.

    Who wouldn't buy a great game for 10 euros to play on official servers and support a good company that cares about its customers ? You should be able to own your server and not use external servers from other companies.

    2. How to make the game with more clarity ?

    Ultimate Cossacks Gaming Reference : http://users.telenet.be/Gercon/cossacks/ (click nations)

    This is the total opposite of clarity ! Too many small differences that make your head hurt. please don't do this in the new game since it sucks.

    3. How to improve the game with better mechanics ?

    3.1 http://www.internetwars.ru/Imperia/ImperiaEnglish.htm (the best mod ever)

    Why ?

    Because it gives you Blockhouse 1/2 and Fortress that you can garrison for auto-fire just like in American Conquest. Moreover you get villages (like free cities in the holy roman empire if you want historical equivalents)


    These free cities, unlike nations, have less buildings, less units, play different, are more specialized and very fun to play (they rely more on trade, having mercenaries and building many troops) ! Super cool and historically accurate !

    You also get coastal defense to prevent ships to destroy everything with no possibility to fight back.

    So, make most buildings garrisonable so they can fire. Or have specific upgrades that allows garrison fire only on certain buildings.

    Additional buildings don't cost in reality more wood or stone. You have to stop the abuse and almost cheat, when you were able to sell stone and build more building, and that was basically the only way to defeat the enemy. (the stone rush)

    You should make the first building standard cost and all the rest much higher cost. (example : first building 5000, all other identical buildings 50 000)

    3.3 Regarding Economy this is an excellent proposal : http://www.cossacks3.com/forum/index.php?threads/c3-economy.2944/

    In addition each type of food you produce gives a bonus to your peasants or military or buildings.

    If you make coffee your soldiers are more awake and fire faster. Or your peasants work faster. Or your buildings/canons reload faster. (and you are able to chose which bonus you want to have)

    Another example : Poland makes many excellent apple orchards that don't make people fat so they move 10% faster or work more since they don't get tired so fast.

    Another example : Expensive products can go directly to export and get something else in return like resources, mercenaries or free buildings.

    Hunting for example should give better accuracy for military man that come from peasants since they train all day.

    Another interesting option is to have a limit of peasants for each plantation. Example : 25 peasants max.

    3.4 Add more interesting nations from the border of Europe that are not central European states like : Lithuania ( Grand Duchy ), Crimea ( Pashalik ), Zaporozhie ( Hetmanate ), Morocco ( Sultanate ), The Papal State ( Papacy ), Kazakh ( Khanate ), Persia ( Shahdom ), Wallachia/Moldova ( Principality ), Nogai ( Horde ), Mungals (Empire), Ming/Qing ( Khaganate/Empire ) AND the Free Cities of the Roman Empire (see 3.1 above).

    Recently Paradox studios are in the process of lunching an expansion that will come at the same time with Cossacks 3 .

    The coincidence...

    3.5 Morale was very well implemented in American Conquest which is a much better game than Cossacks 1 and should be implemented in Cossacks 3. For those who don't like it make an option to disable it. In reality no person is stupid enough to fight to the death when defeat is obvious. Run/Retreat to fight another day !

    3.6 The wall gate is always protected and with two small towers should function like a small blockhouse that only shoots fire or arrows and should be able to kill a small scouting party !

    3.7 Be able to make upgrades to buildings like in American Conquest. You should be able in Cossacks 3 to upgrade all building allowing them to be garrisoned and once soldiers are inside function like a blockhouse.

    But also allow for other types of upgrades that provide other advantages like an economic bonus, or firing long range canons instead of short range musketeer firepower.

    Allow walls to be upgraded with spikes that do damage if units are close to it, or boiling pitch for the gate instead of the small blockhouse.

    3.8 For each nation make a technology tree with 3 branches. Each branch can have 4 levels, for a total of 12 but you can't research more than 6. (similar technology tree like in the game -> Universe at War: Earth Assault 2007)


    Administrative :
    Level 1 : Disciplined Workforce -> bonus to peasants work rate 10%, military man also have 15 more hp.
    Level 2 : The Turtle ->Walls are 20% stronger, unlocks the gate blockhouse option.
    level 3 : The Factory -> All resources are produced 15% faster. Unlocks the boiling pitch upgrade for gates.
    level 4 : Old Ways -> Unlock Spikes upgrade on walls and houses, also allows barracks to mount on the roof artillery pieces.

    Diplomatic :
    Level 1 : Sweet Tongue -> Unlocks the Guerrilla mercenaries, and makes military man fight harder before morale is lost.
    Level 2 : Free Market - > Improves market rates and exports, also makes all mercenaries slightly cheaper.
    Level 3 : Spy Master -> Unlocks spies, and grants the ability to kill enemy battalion commanders.
    Level 4 : Reinforcement Pact -> Gets help with soldiers and resources from neighboring ally every 2 minutes.

    Military :
    Level 1 : Pyromaniac Lord - allows pikman to throw a small bomb before engaging the enemy, peasants also carry small bombs in their pockets that they use when they attack.
    Level 2 : Inner fire -> Artillery fires explosive shells that make the ground burn, Musketeers now also carry grenades.
    Level 3 : The Royal Fleet -> Unlock the Royal Boats, also makes all small ships attack faster by 20%.
    Level 4 : Teutonic Armor -> Makes all units wear heavier armor, while reducing their speed by 30%, ships have additional metal reinforcements in week spots.


    Each Nation / Free city can have its own unique technology tree. Technology tree should have more powerful effects than choosing a type of food (see 3.3)

    Using a technology tree makes every game play completely different even with the same country, and the enemy won't know what you choose.

    More to come !
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  2. Umbral

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    What i didn't like about American Conquest ?

    Even if American Conquest was much better in many ways than Cossacks there are some things that sucked.

    1. The only way to win is to build buildings near enemy and garrison them. Especially forts, blockhouses that shoot canons.

    2. There is no proper artillery for natives or long range artillery for Europeans that can actually destroy buildings.

    3. All you have to do is repair buildings over and over again (extremely boring) and the game will never end since there is no proper way to siege something.

    So for C3 :

    1. Allow multiple ways to win a game, not just 1 or 2 strategies.
    2. Have wide range of unique artillery, not just the same for every nation/free city.
    3. Allow peasants to auto repair buildings if they are idle and near a building or if they are toggled to do so.
  3. Snuffy

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    1. Not true. When I play against the computer, I can surround the enemy city and capture it.

    2. I didn't know that Natives had Artillery .... just bows and arrows. And why would we worry about Europeans when we're playing AMERICAN Conquest? :D

    3. The game ends fine. It might take 5 or 6 hours, but I can beat the game with no problem and death match and it does end.
  4. Umbral

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    1. When you play again other people i was referring. The computer was dumb.
    2. Natives had primitive siege methods. But they also had some form of light artillery, either taken from Europeans or the ones they invented. See AOE III. Europeans are playable in both American Conquest and Cossacks series !
    3. Too long and boring game. Try to play vs human in multiplayer. Tedious (too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.) and boring way to win a game. (5 or 6 hours for 1 game is not fun, it is for people with no life)
  5. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

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    there's no need to send anything, developers regularly read this forum :)
  6. Umbral

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    How can we become beta testers ?
  7. Foeurdr

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    Wait for the form
  8. Hansol333

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    I would enjoy that. It is really stupid if the costs of 17c barracks rise from 300 to 3.000, 30.000 and finally 300.000.
    The Problem is that a) buildings become totally invaluable if you construct too much of them. If you want to construct a third or fourth 17c barracks and the enemy destroys it, well you are in a bad shape but b) if the enemy has only one 17c barracks it is a waste do destroy that with mortars because it is not economically.

    American conquest is worse. Fort (first building) costs 500 wood and stone with 20000% costraising. If you destroy the last building the enemy can rebuild it instantly. with all upgrades you will always have the resources to do so (cannon ball costs 50 iron and 100 coal by the way). It is IMPOSSIBLE to economically destroy the enemy with such cheap buildings. It becomes pure micromanagment at this part of the game. If you are to slow to click it is impossible to win.

    Therefore I really would support that. Or make in a standard game the first buildings even totally free. It is not realistic if buildings are free but for a faster start in the game I would prefer that. (with first building I mean only the very first building, if you construct it is free but if you lose it, have no zero kind of this building you have to pay normal prize).

    I would not like to much nations because the differences are very small anyway. Besides. If you want to edit the game it is becoming way much more work to do changes for all nations.

    but is is so annoying if you have to select soldiers in your base and send them back to the field. Morale like increased damage taken, reduced attack speed/range totally fine but I want total control over my soldiers. I want to be in control.

    I like the idea that there is a small gunfire from the gate. But sending soldiers into buildings. I dont know. I disliked that in AQ because it was annoying the send them in the building. Also you can have in cossacks 100+ houses, where in AQ you have maybe a maximum of 10. Should be kind of annoying to send in soldiers into all houses. But I really would like it if the houses would attack automatically even without sending soldiers inside. Attack speed like a normal musketeers without upgrades. Damage for a house 20, mill, 30, blacksmith 30, towncenter 40. That would REALLY help against small raids, one unit is not longer able to capture stuff simple because he dies but a large army can still capture everything quite fast.

    For the rest I thing that it is becoming to complex. It is mostly a remake.

    And about the AQ discussion:
    -Fort/Forttress/log cabin II: was just dumb. You could not attack while units are beeing trained. Try to beat a very hard algerian player. Also it happends quite often, that the cannons destroy my own buildings. Isnt that great
    -you have to repair stuff, that is SO ANNOYING. A few arrow can make your building burn if you dont repair it it will burn to ruins. Same is with cannons. It is impossible to destroy a fortress with cannons because pesants can repair buildings (for free while you require 50 iron and 100 coal per shot) without taking any damage. You need at least 11+ cannons ( I tested that, therefore 3 fortress which takes HOURS). However. Even if the enemy attack one time, causes a burn the building is going to die unless you repair. But there is no message. So it is PURE micromanagment game. zero strategy. Well you can click fast and look after all buildings all 5 seconds, ok fine but if not you are doomed.
    -too much units. 1000+ units works for a arcade game style, but with mandatory formations (which were bugged like in cossacks) and endless waves of new units, oh please now.
  9. Umbral

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  10. [RO]Proof

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    some players prefere to play whit no 18 century from options, is not stupid ...
  11. Umbral

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