Mass mobilization - Pospolite ruszenie / Levée en masse

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by [IG]Hipolit, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    just as a nice suggestion. There could be a kind of mass mobilization available for selected nations, like France, Poland, Hungary.

    It should consume your already available peasants (part of them) giving you relatively a lot of cheap soldiers of average/low combat skills and small morale. But very numerous almost ah-hoc, they should cost only some food. And they should not be forever, like for some time, later they withdraw (what usually happened) and turn back to be peasants?

    I realize that it would make these 3 nations a powerful short peace time fractions, but it might be tuned in a way it is not so severe.

    Would it make sense at all??


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  2. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Yep, this would totally make sense. However, I don't understand why it should be limited to only France, Poland, and Hungary. Why not all nations?
  3. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    If this kind of military utilization of self armed citizens as a regular army force was historically occurring among other nations then it should be with these nations. But as far as I know it was happening only in France, Poland and Hungary, that on the order of the king/field Marshall there was a response from citizens who were forming an army out of their own resources and self organizing themselves in groups/divisions... Please do not confuse it with partisans/guerrilla.
  4. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    I see, well if we get realistic then i guess it would only be applied to those nations. I actually think the feature is great gamewise. This is why I think it should be applied to all nations. Good gameplay should not be sacrificed to keep historical facts. Remember, it is a game. Not 18th century wars simulator. Not even C1 was very realistic per say and i could definitely argue why c1 lacked realism in many aspects of the gameplay and graphics.
  5. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    Yep, I vote for all nations. :)
  6. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    OK. Would be good to have it anyway. In case of a deep ride into your town you can always try to rescue everything by calling to arms peasants :) or just to make a ride!
  7. Severstein

    Severstein New Member

    That would be great, if you could select bunch of peasants and turn them into some sort of militia for some small price (in food/iron), and you could turn them back to peasants if you want

    And also, that should be available to all nations.
  8. Snuffy

    Snuffy Active Member

    They can do that in AOE. you click the town hall and there is a bell icon ... you click the bell icon and the peasants skedaddle to the nearest building and start shooting. When the excitement is over, you click the bell again and the peasants all go back to what they were doing before you rang the alarm.
  9. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member

    I like the idea, though it would be imbalanced if it was not a feature for all nations. Generally most nations had some form of miltia so it makes sense. The three countries you've mentioned could have slightly better ones though, to make them a little more unique :)
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  10. [IG]Hipolit

    [IG]Hipolit Active Member

    Good points guys. In case of Poland and Hungary mass mobilisation should result in some cavalry units as it was a historical reality on the eastern borders. More infantry was used during wars on the western edges of Poland, more dense population and good road infrastructure, while on the eastern steppe...infinitive area so only cavalry was able to fight. For western nations it might be as you mentioned a kind of self-defense militia, mainly infantry.
  11. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    Yep that was a great system but it could be better than that. If you want to use AOE as a reference i would like more like the revolutions in AOE where the peasants turned into armed units. The only problem in AOE is that you can't turn them back to peasants but we can take this feature and implement it into cossacks as turning your peasants into infantry for a certain payment of resources and be able to turn them back individually at anytime.
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