Missing Features of the Point Display

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Anatotitan, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    I have two complaints about the point display that need fixing in my opinion; in fact there are two features from Cossacks 1 that are missing and could easily be re-implemented:

    • Showing the alliances between players and their average.
    • Automatically sorting the players from highest to lowest amount of points.

    With these features missing the player potentially spends too much time looking at the point display. The choice what player to attack is an important one and the points, being an indication of strenght, and the alliances between players have a tremendous impact on that decision. Having as much information available to the player in a way as convenient as possible is the point display's basic function and it should be the developer's goal to fix that, especially when these two features, as I said, could easily be implemented.
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  2. kaiser_frisia

    kaiser_frisia Member

    I also noticed, that the feature is missing and agree with OP.
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  3. nixpuh

    nixpuh New Member

    seems like you two guys are friends or something :D
  4. Anatotitan

    Anatotitan Active Member

    Bumping for this thread, as the features are still not implemented. However sometimes my colour in the point display has a thick black outline. What does that signify? Does it show who is hosting the match?
  5. Aduhi

    Aduhi Member

    Exactly ;)
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