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    As I have done before, I'm going to write up a little mod blueprint, with the purpose of it being that it's there for the better modders out there to perhaps take ideas from/ cut & copy what they want. I may even come back to it once I dust off my copy of 3d max and get familiar again

    Anyway. The Corsairs Expansion.

    This mod would work like an expansion - new additions to the base game!

    The mod would add 2 pirate 'nations' as well as new additions for all with a nautical theme:

    The Brethren of the Coast - a loose amalgamation of Caribbean-based pirates. Historically they were based in Tortuga, though they will generally fill the role of Western pirates. Also is derived from Republic of Pirates, from Nassau (although they could be there own civ if there was enough difference).

    Units: Settlers (can't make Peasants), Buccaneers (Light raiding infantry, can hunt for food) Pirate Sailors, Pirate Captains, Pirate Sloops (earn gold by destroying enemy ships/fishing boats), light cannon.

    Barbary Corsairs - North Africans pirates who had their pirate stronghold in Salé, Morocco (their art would reflect this)

    These Muslim pirates have settlers, Corsair irregular infantry and Xebec ships (they share a few of the Algerian/Turkish unit list)

    New mechanics:
    • Warships can be garrisoned. Musketeers add firepower (musket-fire - think Blockhouse!), sailors add faster reloading cannon, Captains increase speed. A unique unit to a few nations - the Marine adds the same firepower as musketeers in addition to a slight morale bonus (Health/Armour).
    • Huntable animals
    • Sea trade (AoE style)

    New buildings for all:
    • The Tavern. This building can only be built if you already have a shipyard present. Provides a selection of maritime units.
    • Coastal battery. A few large guns within a low stone wall perimeter. This defensive building is a 'glass cannon' - very weak defense and can only fire within a certain area (to cover a shore - no rotating around!). However this is made up by having very long range and high power to deal with ships!
    • Fortress - Large stonework fortification that requires food (to feed those inside!) and all other resources except wood as upkeep! Very expensive to build and keep running, however this building can train infantry and has a number of cannon. One of the best ways to control an area!
    • Pastures - small, fenced fields. Can train Sheep to graze that fatten and can be harvested for food.
    New units for all:

      • Captains - available via the Tavern. Armed with pistol and sword. Can create a loose formation with sailors to make your sailors a little better in combat (i.e. still not great!). Main purpose is to garrison in your war ships to increase ship Health Points
      • Sailors - armed with boarding pikes and hatchets, these melee infantry are lightly armed and useful in emergency militia or as a gang to use in a coastal village raid. Their real use is to be garrisoned in a war ship to increase Speed
      • Privateers - made in the Shipyard once a Tavern has been build
      • Sapper/Pioneer - trainable from the barracks once an academy has been built (same as Officer), these units can construct light field fortifications (such as Gabions and Blockhouses) as well as Powder Keg/Petards. Useful to blow up forts! Can build common fortifications such as walls and towers quicker than normal peasants.
      • Settlers - these civilian units can be trained via the Town Hall once a Shipyard is built. They function the same as a Peasant except their training cost is slightly more and they have a longer train time. These guys construct Colony buildings instead normal ones. Colony buildings have the same functions as all the originals except that they cost primarily wood (so cheaper) and are faster to construct. The purpose of these units is that you can send off your Settlers to quickly 'colonise' a new area and establish control fast. The downsides are that as the buildings are cheap they are very weak - so once control is established, you may want to bring in Peasants to make a more 'permanent' settlement! Aesthetically these buildings will be Log/Adobe(mud brick) based to give 'colonial' feel. (note - there may be a slight difference in art for say Western and Eastern European colonial buildings, however no one gets their own truly unique set)
      • Merchantman ships - fast trading ships that generate gold (and maybe other resources) between shipyards. These give a bounty to the enemy that destroy them!
    Unique units:
    • Marines - a few civs, such as the English, Spanish and Portuguese have access to Marines. Marines function as Musketeers (including the musket-fire on ships) except they add a slight HP and Armour bonus when garrisoned, plus are a little faster on foot. Downsides are that they cost more and can't make large formations - only small ones.
    Neutral units:
    • Animals! - deer, wild boar and maybe a bear or two live in the landscape. Huntable for food.
    • Brigrand! - outlaws armed with musket or sabre. Will attack small groups of units automatically.
    • Pirates! - neutral pirate ships that attack on sight.
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  2. Privateer

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    Also, just to add - new island-based maps with a new tropical tileset!
  3. Furious Peasant

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    If you want to make a pirate faction mode you can also add the "Pirates of Batavia" (Jakarta). Dutch Pirates in Indonesia.
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