[MOD] yquinox_MOD v 1.07 (rebalanced game)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by yquinox, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. yquinox

    yquinox Member

    No. It means that musketeers have default 25 dmg and reload time around 12s. There is no damage reduction or changes according to range and this will not be in the future in this MOD. Instead of that I want to make some accuracy changes based on range.
  2. Doc

    Doc New Member


    I't works like poland pikeman armor, but with less troubles :
    AddUpgradePack(country, upgstruct, ctypeProtectionOnlySwordPike, gc_upg_tooltiptype_horsedef, 0, 2, True, ind, linkind);
    country.upgrade[ind-1].iarrparam1[0] := gc_obj_weapon_kind_none;
    country.upgrade[ind-1].iarrparam1[1] := gc_obj_weapon_kind_sword;

    Last upgrade armor increases only sword armors, if you add: "...upgrade[ind-2]...." lines - last and previous upgrades increases sword armor only.
  3. Anderson

    Anderson New Member

    link is broken. can you reupload the file?
  4. yquinox

    yquinox Member

    I need to update the mod to newest patch. But for now I dont have time for this stuff :(.
  5. Klaus Cunha

    Klaus Cunha New Member

    Hey, me and 3 friends really liked your mod, hope you can update it! :D

    Keep up!
  6. Hello yquinox

    I am also waiting for your mod.

    And i dont want any artillery at all, alone walking cannons looks stupid and destroys the game.
    But i also want to thank the GSC for this game, although it is not quite as I want it, hope for many future great mods such as HEW was.
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  7. yquinox

    yquinox Member

    Hello guys. Iam sorry, but for now I have no time for doing this update. I was working for about 2-3 weeks 4-7 hours a day on it and suddenly new patch came out:D. The old 600+lines *yaml MOD is unable to update by me, because of many changes in newest patches and updating this file would be pure masochism :D.

    Lieutenant-Général still works and updates his great MOD Manager. I didnt try, how it works in newest version, but it is possible, that I will update my MOD if I find, that it will do what I want. But for now, about few weeks I wont have time for this. Sorry guys :(.
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  8. Klaus Cunha

    Klaus Cunha New Member

    NP! I hope you can have time soon!

    Good work so far. :)
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