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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Saddoveanu, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Freestyle

    Freestyle Member

    Nowy dude, anyone with a tad bit of programming - not to mention business planning - knowledge understands that your suggestions are neither simple nor easy nor fast nor smart to implement at this point. If I were you I'd build my own mod with a fraction of those changes and invite people to playtest it. Then depending on the result I'd decide if it's worth moving forward - that's your only chance to ever play the game of your dreams. After all we all do dream about the ideal game but then reality is a bitch.
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  2. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    1. No, there is nothing wrong when fan propose make better balanced and more sensible nation power tiers. These power tiers exist even now, however horrible spoiled. Therefore people disuss OP nations, strange units stats, economy and balance issues. I propose make nations basic characteristic more sensible and accurate to historical cases.

    2. I do not contradict myself. I propose easy tweaks for sensible build order, details you could check it is adequate thread.

    3. When stone role will dercreased, then other resourses should get more important roles, isn't it. This is obvoious thing for good balance.

    4. Few buildings for better economy are easy implementable e.g. town house for craftsmen and manufacture for gold are not hard to do. GSC can take even existing buildings allow emplu peasants inside. They can earn gold like mines can do now.

    5 and 6 you get, I guess.

    7. My proposition for these units is simple, however may looks complex. Details you can find in other my threads.

    8. Ghost manned ships looks and works bad. Worse that they do not require any manpower, this breake important strategy aspects.

    9. Read my thead about army order of battle, maneuver and deployment. There are easy tweaks to implement in the game which make game play sensible and better organized.

    Other things

    I find all stone roles in C 3 game are bad. This is not only stone exploit issue, but all economy development, based on stone trade, marginal agriculture and manufactuirng roles. This is ridiculus when stone play main role. This way stone in the game is more importand than FOOD.

    Therefore I propose make more changes in C 3 game.
    This is my opinion, other fans could make their own ideas.

    However you can see what happen with this game. Many potential customers simply avoid this game.
    There are lot of work needed for fixes and improvements.

    This is obvious, developers should offer good product without flaws and make more changes in this game, then I and many customers can buy it.
  3. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    I have to assent to Freestyle's view. It is not easy to implement a whole new building queue or to replace the ghost ships (and cannons) with a more realistic unit. Your proposals may be not that much work for a programmer. Maybe there will be many mods that implement new economy buildings and such. But this is really not an easy thing to do if you want it to work well. To invent some new mechanics is maybe fun in theory, but maybe not as good as expected in practice. Designing it to be functional is the hard thing to do. The devs are using what worked fine for more then 15 years. Some are happy with that, some are not. But I think it's logical that the devs decided to use the old system and said they only will balance some stats.

    If you know all the announcments then I wonder why you did not read between the lines. It's not their aim to implement that many changes. Regardless how often you repeat yourself, you won't achieve anything if you address the devs with a suggestion like „Make a more logical building queue like xxx“. It also wouldn't be popular among many old veterans who seem to be the majority of players.
    The most important „missing feature“ is a bug free gaming experience anyway. Why should you add more complicated stuff, if that would lead to even more bugs? The bugs are the biggest flaw right now.

    Your suggestions of additional fortifications besides the towers ans walls are valid though. I don't see a problem to introduce more options for military defenses, because it wouldn't affect the well established economy system.
    Even your more difficult suggestions are not useless though. They could be a blueprint for a mod. But please stop to insist that you want to see drastic changes before you buy the game. I get that you have a different opinion what „drastic changes“ means. Please just accept, that most of us think, they are drastic, ok?
  4. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    My propositions are simple, easy, fast and smart to implement in C3 game.
    Many things works in other GSC games or mods e.g. garrisoned fortifications, General Commanders, simpler formations
    Many similar changes I made myself in my C2 mod and I am not programmer e.g. units stats, better formations.
    Some ideas works in similar RTS games as like AoE, RoN e.g. more crop plants, merchant ships, horse drawn wagons.
    Some ideas are doable e.g. C3 ferries can take on board units, why other ships can not take on board unit crews?

    These things do not require tests, simple math analyse could tells what can works well and what needs some more work.
    For example when devs want to improve game balance they could decrease imbalance, decrease these issues which make bigger imbalance e.g. unit stats, upgrades, build order, economy development. This is obvious and simple.

    When C3 game sale results are not impresive, fans cry over stone exploit, nation imbalance and other issues this is clear developers should immediately react, make improvements, even radical changes in game features.

    Bug fixes are not main reason why people avoid this game. Customers can uderstand that new game usaully got some glitches or bugs, but it looks they can not accept old, bad flaws copied from C1 game.
  5. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    When C3 game got poor critical reviews notes, sales results are not impresive, many customers do not buy this game and many fans wants more changes, these mean changes are necessary, even drastic changes, isn't it.

    Bugs fixes and cosmetic improvements do not save this game.
    Mods will not save this game when people will not buy vanilla game.
    Therefore developers should do more improvements, even radical changes immediately, before it will be too late.

    My ideas are simple, easy, fast and smart implementable in C 3 game. I gave many examples there.
    However decisions and work lay in developers hands. That is their interest to sale well this game.

    I could only help them with my suggestions, what they could change in the game, what could make this game more interesting for me and other today customers which did not buy this game.

    I do not know what think most of customers, but it looks I predicted this poor situation long before C3 game release.
    So, I have got right, this game require more improvemets and radical changes.

    When boat is leaking, sailors can not pait it and make some sail bugs fixes.
    They have to do even radical changes in a hull to keep deck over water line.
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  6. Anderstein

    Anderstein Member

    Yeah, another very annoying missing feature: Ships can not be repaired. They should be repaired automatically when they get near the harbor.
  7. Zakxaev68

    Zakxaev68 Active Member

    ^either by specific button, considering you can point certain warships. Icon notification would pop above the ship flag when repair takes place. /or both, auto/manual repair switch to choose what best fits your belt.
  8. dthstrk

    dthstrk New Member

    I'm looking for..

    1. crews for cannon, and standard bearers
    2. cannon firing within wall or elevation and ranges
    3. higher number of units avail maybe 30k
    4. degrees of fighting from defensive to wreck less
    5. the original giant Prussian regalia not this generic stuff
  9. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    1. Patrol mode
    2. Indicator for towers, log cabins.
    3. Smaller version of map (Pressing M in previous cossacks)
    4. Transparent buildings.
    5. Random map no art game (make possible to make game with no artillery to be made)
    6. Square formation (Stand ground) : make similar to Cossacks 2 where units should defend themselves from cavalry. ATM pikeman ar standing with their pikes to one side only , and It's not spike wall formation lol. If cavalry attacks from back they can slaughter most of formation.
    7. 2x faster departing from transporter. Atm 280 units can fill transporter within 5 seconds. And they depart from it like 50 seconds +
    8. Make Ctlr+S work to select all ships.
  10. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    I miss Multiplayer rankings , team indicator , possibility to send ally resources... What is stupid that I can't tell who's with who in teams , let's say we play 2x2x2x2 . There is not shown what people are having alliance with. And it sucks!
  11. Mozzecanove

    Mozzecanove New Member

    the list of all owned formations as in cossacks!
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  12. Mudd

    Mudd New Member

    What id like to see:

    Diplomacy options:

    Diplomacy center: increased and Incrementally increased cost of units every 50 or so units to make it increasingly expensive to use troops from diplomacy center.

    Options for declaration of peace or treaty terms. To include timed peace for Gold or other resource.

    Trade/Market center:
    Option to send aid to allies, Resources or troops. To clarify on troops, I mean sending for them, Your ally to control.

    Additional defense options:

    More wall types, Double and triple width, with the option to upgrade existing wall, and option for ranged units to walk the wall.

    More Wall add ons, such as the Add gate option currently available, I like to see Add Cannon Tower, and Add Guard Tower for ranged troops, and Add Window/Hole for pike men to stab threw

    Increased range for cannon towers, Currently it seems to be a spitting distance, while all artillery(excluding the bombard) ranges seems several times that.

    Option to add priest to formation.
    Option to merge two of more formations.
    Option to add more units to a formation in addition to original size. If size was not maxed
    On top of equipment to increase troops level, id like to see troops gain XP and level in the field as the survive combat situations.
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  13. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    In cossacks its true that game lacks of fortifications. I mean walls , trenches , redoubt and etc. For example walls with spikes around it so fast horses might get dmg by it if forces to destroycit and etc. But ofc its very hard to make it possible.
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