Napoleonic Mod Proposal

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Midnight-Blue766, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Historical Battles:
    • These would of course be the centrepiece: Marengo, Friedland, Austerlitz, Borodino, Waterloo...
    • As in vanilla Cossacks, there would be the core units: Line Infantry, Grenadiers, Skirmishers, et al. However, each faction will be given unique national units, such as the French Old Guard, British Greenjackets, etc. and stats would furthermore be tweaked to represent the unique training and doctrines of the different nations. Of course, they would all have the different uniforms of each country as opposed to "generic" forms.
    • Horse Artillery is one of the new units of the Napoleonic era. They are extremely fast and deadly in large numbers, however, they are not as powerful as their foot counterparts and require time to unlimber before they can fire.
    • Skirmishers are the infiltrators of the Napoleonic period, with the most accurate unit of the game, the Rifle and are the fastest of the infantry. However, they cannot form formations and are very vulnerable to close combat attacks.
    • Guards are the powerful, most disciplined infantry units, with higher than average accuracy (though not as much as Skirmishers), the best of close combat minus the counter against Square Formation. This is countered by their slow training speed and expensive cost.

    Gameplay Tweaks:
    • The reload and accuracy rate of Muskets are extremely low: Napoleonic units only reload about once every 15 seconds, and only some 10% of shots fired actually hit the enemy. The primitive arbequses and matchlocks of the 17th century are even worse in these terms. On the other hand, Napoleonic units actually train far faster than their earlier equivalents.
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    Very good idea, but I do not believe that such mod somebody could make on C 3 game basis.
    These require too many changes, while I can not see any skilled modders ready to help implement your wishes.

    Nevertheless fans always can make proposals. I already made such suggestions few years ago and nothing really happen in that matter. What a pitty Cossacks community lacked in good modders which can make Napoleonic mod.

    I know only ONE fine HEW Napoleonic mod made in few versions on base ACFB game similar to Cossacks series.
    That was really great mod, however required better engine and new features. Napoleonic units in this mod were quite well prepared, but few of them needed some changes. Nations also were strangely recreated and balanced. Army order of battle, movement, deployment, squad organization and formations needs some improvements too.

    Imperia mod made on C1 base included 19 c. units, but this mod was not so impresive, contained strange units, formations, tactics, strange warfare etc.

    I made myself mod for C2 game which changed some units stats, formations shapes, sizes, but that was limited mod. Nevertheless I play only this mod which offer swift combats in C2 style in the best fatures as like morale, fatigue, experience, roads, settlements, squads, formations, fortifications, combat effects and sufficently organized warfare. Graphic and landscape quality also are the best in Cossacks series games, however buildings are too big and maps are limited.

    What a pitty my suggestions to create better RTS game did not find good support fom skilled modders, becouse there were not any skilled modders ready do work under something bigger.

    You could read my question, suggestion, ideas, wishes and propositions on other site as well as on this forum e.g. in my C3 wish list.
    Here you are few links
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  3. NivZiv

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  4. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    Great idea!
  5. Nath33killer

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    In Cossacks distances which are mainly equal to 40-50 meters, Napoleonian musquets could I think hit their targets with a 80 % chance average. And they reload all 20 seconds for well trained soldiers, but you were almost right :) But as infantry shoot together, each soldier on the first line of the enemy can be hit two or three times I suppose.
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