Nation Cup - World Cup in Cossacks 3 for everyone

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Warren, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Warren

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    Nation Cup Cossacks 3 - Create your own national team or join to existing one!

    Nation Cup is first in history Cossacks 3 tournament, in which will participate national teams as in football World Cup. We're open to people from all over the world. Every player can join to existing national team (now is avaible: Poland, Germany, France, UK, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia or make new team, e.g. from Brasil, Australia, USA, Thailand, Mexico and even Burundi... You all are invited!

    More info and tournament rules you can read here:
    Do you have questions? You can make it here, via private message or via Steam: (warren_gda).

    Tournament administrators:
    • [1S]Lexus - main admin, german admin
    • [1S]Delta - main admin, french admin
    • Colourfit - english admin
    • [1S]YesYoar - german admin
    • [GP]Warren - polish admin (it's me)
    • [-WN-]Stalman - polish admin
    • [1S]SecretPlayer - russian admin
    • [-RA-]Sanek - russian admin
    • [1S]PanSirko - ukrainian admin
    • [-NF-]Baton - ukrainian admin
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  2. Burak Damgacı

    Burak Damgacı Well-Known Member

    Thanks for game(yesterday) and information Warren.
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  3. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    General organizer ([1S]Lexus) decided to cancel this tournament :(
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