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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Furious Peasant, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member




    I use DXT3 or DXT5 both work for me.

    DXT1 with no alpha - kills the alpha map and the unit is totally red in game.
    DXT1 with 1 bit alpha loses most of the colors and the unit looks mostly black.

    It is a bit strange... On another computer, I am pretty sure I used DXT1 without changing anything and the alpha mask was still there...o_O
  2. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    I think it was because I saved without selecting mipmap in photoshop! Saving as DX5 with mipmap worked perfectly in the end
  3. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    Fine! :) So happy modding then^^
  4. DoubleHeadedEagle

    DoubleHeadedEagle New Member

  5. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

  6. Buzztr0n

    Buzztr0n New Member

    Oh god, looks lovely! I need this in a mod :) Any plans to have these units included in one (yet)?
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