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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Field Marshall, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    Hope not.
  2. Pyran

    Pyran New Member

    The same on steam French : "
    Cet article n'est pas encore disponible."
  3. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    Where are the devs? its release day can we get some information please.
  4. zantonin

    zantonin Member

    My heart bleeds ... You betrayed me ... Why?
  5. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    :eek: no no no no !!!!
  6. StylArts

    StylArts Member

  7. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    And of course they tell us nothing.
  8. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member

    Just get some popcorn and head on over to the Steam forums. It's kind of exploding. A bit of a shame to those new to the series, eh?
  9. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I cant trust myself to say anymore. Silence is best now.
  10. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    Hehehehe, chillout guys. We've been waiting 1 year... we can wait some hours. ;-)
  11. OC Coswar

    OC Coswar Member

    I was sitting there refreshing the page for ages as I'm shore we all were!! I agree it is a shame!!
  12. colonelburton

    colonelburton Active Member

    Absolutely !

    Enjoy life while waiting ^^
  13. FlowerPot

    FlowerPot New Member

    Just press the button please!
  14. Sardar_amir

    Sardar_amir New Member

    i dont mind waiting afew hours , as long as its just hours ofc ! :D
  15. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    Take a beer and play Cossacks 1 until devs give us Cossacks 3. It's the best solution. :)
    ney likes this.
  16. Snap

    Snap New Member

    Omg, I got the game! Just restart Steam and maybe your PC!!!!
  17. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    Nice try.
  18. Sardar_amir

    Sardar_amir New Member

    im thinking maybe a last minute patch or sth , cuz if they wanted to delay the realse they would have just said so
  19. James Hayes

    James Hayes Active Member

    This is so not fair :( others get to play way before hand :(
  20. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    I'm getting the sweats. :confused:
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