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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Field Marshall, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    I have a question, when the troops move i hear sounds like footsteps etc. Is that actually part of the game or just edited in audio?
  2. Lord Levan

    Lord Levan Member

    The video is cool, I have a question, whats the minimum requirements for PC, I have an old one :(
  3. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    In the FAQ they said this :
    Before any comprehensive and large-scale tests it is difficult to tell exactly what the system requirements will be, but the weakest computer that we have worked and tested Cossacks 3 on has the following parameters:

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320, 1860 MHz
    • RAM: 2048 Mb (DDR2 SDRAM)
    • Video card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO (256 Мб)
    • Screen resolution: 1280x1024
    • Processor and video card manufactured in 2007.
    For the normal operation of the game 1024 Mb RAM will be enough.

    I hope you have enough to make it work :)
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  4. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    I have more than enough to play the game on 8 monitors on 4K with a 100k population limit mod XD
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  5. Augdelaittre

    Augdelaittre Member

    The required configuration is nothing
    And 8screen on 4K will work easily !!

    Will be cool for the next game to have x10 or x100 more unit !!
  6. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    I hope that there will be good support for 4k monitors with normal scaling...
  7. Sapper

    Sapper New Member

    Hope the best graphics :))
  9. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

  10. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    This is fine video, fans are waiting for more nations, ships and combats now.
    There are impresive graphics, lanscape, buildings, smooth animations, but units and formations needs some tweaks.
    Infantry in formation looks too sparsely, they could stay elbow to elbow, that was regular packed order at that period.

    It would be fine include standard two ranks line formation for small squads and three ranks for bigger squads.
    Four ranks line formation looks too deep, especially for 18th century infantry.

    I noticed in this video different squad's sizes and shapes.
    - pikes squads, 18 men in two ranks and 64 men in four ranks
    - Roundashir swords men squads 60 men in four ranks
    - musketeer squad, 64 men in four ranks
    - Chasseur (?) 44 men in foru ranks
    - mercenary (?) squad, 20 men in two ranks
    - cavalry 27 men in two and half (?) ranks
    - cavalry 12 men in two ranks and 33 men in three ranks
    - King's Musketer squads, 21 men in three ranks

    Does it mean that we will see in the game different squad sizes and shapes than it was in C1 game?
  11. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    Novy there is not only one formation in this video. There are just groups of soldiers standing around.
  12. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Are you certain that were just groups of soldiers standing around without formation?
  13. Furious Peasant

    Furious Peasant Active Member

    I am pretty sure yes. Because there are not much Officer and drummers nearby. Also distances between the soldiers are not exactly the same everywehre. For me It looks like they were just placed for this video. To get sure about you can compare it with previous screenshots.
    In CossacksI you can place troops like in the video too.
  14. Afritus

    Afritus Member

    I also think that these troops are not in any formation.
    However, Nowy is kinda right. We all would love to see some battle scenes :) Especially given the fact that this video is not really new.
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  15. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    It looks that I misswatched somethings, becouse there were few infantry and cavalry officers in this video.

    Then my questions about formations sizes and shapes are still open. We still do not know how it will looks in the game.
  16. Imereti

    Imereti Member

  17. Voyager

    Voyager Member

    We have seen formations already with drummer and officer so we know how it will looks. (in videos and screenshots)
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  18. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

    After checking the earlier screenshots you can clearly see formations of 72, with Officer and Drummer.
    If I remember correctly in C1 you could have formations of 36 and 144, so I expect it to be the same in C3.;)
  19. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    only with 36, 72, 120 and 196 infantry and 40, 90 cavalery
  20. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    and 160 cavalery too :)))))
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