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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Field Marshall, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    Cossacks 3


    Infantry: 15, 36, 72 , 120 and 196
    Cavalry: 40, 90 and 160
    Artillery: Cannon: 3 - 100, Howitzer: 3 - 10, Mortar: 5 - 20
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  2. yes,its tsolias(euzonos)
    how they look today
  3. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Yes, there were few formations in earlier screens, but still this does not answer how all they will look in the gameplay.
    C 1 squads sizes and shapes were strangely prepared, especially the biggest were very strange. Cannons deployed densely in few lines were quite stupid.

    So, I was not certain how formations will looks in C3 gameplay? How they will form columns, squares, how many ranks will get different formations? How cannons and ships will deploy in battle line. Will they shot through other friendly units without any losses?

    C1 game had many troubles with formations. GSC improved some things in AC and C2 games, but still there were issues. For instance strange skirmisher 15 men, bigger infantry and all cavalry formations shapes.

    It would be intersting to see formations in combats too.
  4. The_Hussar

    The_Hussar Member

    Speaking of cavalry formations it will be thoughtful to put a good charge bonus for lancers but only for the first contact they make with the enemy. I think this was done in the game Celtic kings for Gaul cavalry. The game is from 2002 so I hope you would be able implement such a plain feature. This way the wedge formation will make sense and it will be able to truly thrust into the enemy lines. Or at least I hope this would be a possible feature to appear in a mod.
  5. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    I could be wrong, but from what I have seen posted here from the developers they are trying to capture the essence of BTW with the initial release of the game. With the exception of an high end graphics, updated AI, and bug fixes, like stone upgrade the game play will follow very closely to that of BTW.

    They are trying to recreate the experience of the original Cossacks. And use it as a base from which to grow the game into something special.

    So that being said I would be very surprised if formations were important aspect of first release of the game. As formations would seriously change to play and feel of the game.


    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    could you developers play against each other and upload some battle scenes here ? that would be fantastic!
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  7. Hooysse

    Hooysse Active Member

    Are the devs aware that they are not showing us anything new, i have the feeling like they are clueless about how to advertise their game, as if you give a product to a 5 year old and tell him to sell it....when are we going to see them ships and water graphics? them new "AI" in action, them 10K units in action ect....please show us something new the game is 2 months away now! O_O
  8. Unick

    Unick Member

    In Russian forum many peoples post the same messages: "Show battle", "We want to see ships" etc. Developers position is posting only 100% ready materials. They does not want show half done material, because it is bad for marketing. Maybe they are right, maybe most of features are not ready. I do not know. Time will tell.
  9. Afritus

    Afritus Member

    If everything they don't show us (which is nearly everything) is not ready, then I doubt that a Q1 2016 release is possible.
    However, don't stress them. They don't owe us anything. Of course it would be nice to see or read some really new things, but life's no picnic.
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  10. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Maybe you are right, but you can take into account that formations are easy fixable. These are important aspects for these players which like to see more realistic tactical and strategy gameplays, like to play historically based battles. Formations are clue for well organzied armies, well created order of battles, well executed maneuvers and combats.
    In AC, HEW and C2 games formations were very important and they could be important in C3 game too.

    Essence of C1 BTW game was dynamic gameplay, lot of small buildings and units. Formations were not necessary, that was acceptable in 2001, but now we are in 2016. Meanwhile many games make great progress and improved use of formations. These days disordered mobs combats and mass killings in historically based games are clearly stupid, and outdated.

    Dynamic gameplay, lot of buildings and units properly organized in formations are doable now. They can works fine.
    So, formations can improve gameplay, make it more intersting and enjoyable.
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  11. Lord Levan

    Lord Levan Member

    Thanks for answer, I have enough requirements : )
  12. The_Hussar

    The_Hussar Member

    Without proper formations C3 would look like this:

    Instead it can look like this.
  13. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    The_Hussar, you don't read A.Tolstoy "War and peace", where is written: all soldiers in squad keeping the line until move in to the front battle, but when begins close-in fighting all lines are disorganized.
  14. The_Hussar

    The_Hussar Member

    Yes, I have read it but in C1 they were always disorganised. Does this mean they were always in battle? And this is about close battle. In ranged combat volleys are delivered in formations.

    [KGR]CATWEAZEL Moderator Staff Member

    here you go again repeating it over and over...
    War is chaos! And the main task of a battle comander is to get some kind of control into the chaos.
    What's the value of a victory if the AI does the whole job for you and all you have to do is to send your formations into the proper direction? It's just boring and no long term fun...
    I had already said it and i intend to say it now again... if you are looking for realism, open your front door and go out!
  16. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    Maybe I am repeating something, but it looks that you still can not understand it.

    Maybe war is chaos, but commanders usually control their armies using proper formations. They could not control disorganized and disordered units. Even in chaotic battles you can find properly organized squads.

    So, formations are important aspects in game warfare without s doubt.

    That is not a case “all you have to do is to send your formations into the proper directions”. Commanding in the war game is more complex than that quote. This is not only a question of proper direction, these are questions what, where, when and how use formations, tactics, skills and other factors in proper warfare.

    Bear in mind that commander have to do much more things in the war game.
    He has to predict, plan, execute many orders and properly lead his army well organized in various formation suitable for certain actions in various circumstances. That’s why there are different formations sizes, shapes and roles. There are different kind of arms which used their own tactical formations.

    That’s why there are movement columns, battle columns, battle lines in various ranks, skirmish chain , squares, echelons, wedges etc.

    Commander have to use formations adequate to predicted actions and circumstances.
    Chaos, disorganized mobs, disordered combats and mass killings in war game are not interesting and no fun.

    I had already answered you on that false suggestion, I am not looking for realism in the game, so you do not need to repeating again such weird remark.
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  17. Agree with Nowy in all, i hope c3 are realistic with moral, canon crews and ofcourse formations, and also much better balanse, c1 has very bad balance.
    Thanks for the c3 team for doing this new game.
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  18. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    God forbid especially not morale :)
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  19. Nowy

    Nowy Well-Known Member

    I think he got on his mind morale, not morality. Morale usually is main factor in war game as well as in real war.
    So, I agree with lars gottfridsson, it would be nice to see C 3 game realistic with morale, cannon crews, formations, better balance and few other important things which many fans postulated even in this forum.

    Let's hope that devlopers can take it into account, include fans wishes and make better C 3 game.
  20. [KGR]-^K[o]K^-

    [KGR]-^K[o]K^- Moderator Staff Member

    both "morality" and "moral" mean in Czech = "morálka" so if it somehow distinguishes in the English I do not know.
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