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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Field Marshall, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Daddio

    Daddio Moderator Staff Member

    No you are fine, no confirmations have been sent.

    If selected then you will receive notification by e-mail.

    Must be patient all, takes time to sort through them all.
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  2. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    My fingers are crossed, although i won't get my hopes up. :cool:
  3. Stu

    Stu Active Member

    It is just sheer coincidence, but it has happened with scary frequency. I have thrown my tricorn hat into the ring!
  4. Hippie

    Hippie Active Member

    Same. I wonder how many places there are?
  5. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    It is safe to assume that you are very likely to get selected given the fact that the amount of people that will be filling those forms are under 3000 which around the amount of followers they have in Facebook. If they need about 1000 testers then you have a one in 3 chance (33%) pretty damn high for a beta test. Maybe not for the first wave but for sure one of the waves.
  6. IRooman

    IRooman Member

    my dream is to already play it :D damn that excitement. anyways, i wonder how long till another announcement
  7. ono1

    ono1 Active Member

    you cant tell how much testers will be or how much people fill forms.....
  8. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

    add that some people will write forms on the name of their brother sister etc.
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  9. ono1

    ono1 Active Member

    Truth... or friend or someone else just to have as much chances as he/she can........
  10. Masher

    Masher Active Member

    I think they will select a small group. Maybe some for certain roles... single player/multiplayer test etc. Balance and general feedback as well as bug reporting.
  11. powerpinch

    powerpinch Member

    Whew, it seems the whirlwind of posts has slowed down a bit, I'm glad everyone is excited for the beta though!
  12. Mike Erickson

    Mike Erickson New Member

    Right? Every time I check my email I have a few messages labeled GSC game world and I freak thinking it's a beta invite, then my soul dies a little bit when I read it and see it's just telling me someone just posted to the forum.
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  13. antonEU

    antonEU Member

    Haha me too ;)
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  14. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    New week, new hopes. I turned on mail all the time :) Waiting for me is difficult but i try to have hopes.
  15. powerpinch

    powerpinch Member

    I wouldn't get your hopes up to get an invite this week unless they have a lot of manpower going through the applications.
    2 minutes per application (very conservative estimate) x 1000 applications (also conservative) = 33 man hours
  16. ono1

    ono1 Active Member

    they can do it by random selecter too........
  17. powerpinch

    powerpinch Member

    They might if they have a way to check the information in the applications automatically, but I don't think they're going to do it that way. Remember that they need to get a variety of testers based on their testing needs, which is why people with non-windows machines will probably have the biggest advantage in getting into the beta.

    There is linux and osx support for C3 correct? I say they will get the most priority because when I helped run HoN testing we were ALWAYS short osx and linux testers.
  18. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    But i dont say today will be beta , hope this week.
  19. ono1

    ono1 Active Member

    they just tell to computer to choose 100 people in age 16-20 with win7 and do it to fill all needs......
  20. powerpinch

    powerpinch Member

    Unless they made their own system or google docs has that built in it's not just "telling a computer to do something" and almost every application would be valid in one way or another anyways, as long as they checked yes on signing the NDA.
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