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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Field Marshall, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    We do not know what's going on the game.
  2. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    A 'screenshot per day' week might be a nice idea? Doesn't have to be especially fancy - just seeing a shot of some units in formation in the editor would be great, or a showcase of some of those nice muzzle flashes!
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  3. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member


    logo for [SOON] Clan, i will join when Cossacks 3 will be release in star date 2197
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  4. Ironside

    Ironside New Member

    time lenth according to devs: second>hour>day>month>year>>>epoch>>>>era>>>>>>>eon>soon :)
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  5. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member

    I totally agree with this. Would be nice to build up the momentum for fans :)
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  6. Jazzy B

    Jazzy B New Member

    hello team please provide us with some more recent screenshots. It's been a long time.
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  7. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    Developers do answers on questions:
    Will the game support the achievement of Steam?
    Yes, we plan it has to be

    How long will be collected applications for the beta test?
    The main phase of collection of applications has already passed . Now comes the selection of participants and the signing of contracts.

    Beta testing will take place in Steam?
    This issue is now solved. Most likely yes it will.

    When the Cossacks 3 game page on Steam will be available?
    In the very near future. Just busy working on it.

    Does need beta testers to come to capital of Ukraine Kiev to sign contracts?
    No they don't have to.

    How the contracts will be signed by them?
    Will be necessary to send us a letter with the signed contract.
  8. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    Good to see every news about the game. Cossacks moves to start.
  9. TheCautiousOne

    TheCautiousOne New Member

    That's what Im talking about! Lets get this ball rolling. This game needs to be in the spotlight!

  10. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Excellent, thanks as ever condor_fly!
  11. Stu

    Stu Active Member

    A little more news which is encouraging. The thought of fans outside of Ukraine having to pop over to sign a non-disclosure agreement did make me chuckle. Hopefully some more news soon.
  12. Styo

    Styo Active Member

    How the contracts will be signed by them?
    Will be necessary to send us a letter with the signed contract.

    Curious, by letter do you mean an email, fax, or other digital form of lette?

    Thanks for the news update!
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  13. Field Marshall

    Field Marshall Active Member

    I'm pretty sure they mean email, its just a translation issue. There is no way they will be sending letters or fax throughout the world. It will cost them money and will take way too long. I don't think they can afford to send so many letters to so many different countries. Its go to be email like every other NDA from pretty much every game out there.
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  14. They will send you a form which you will have to fill out and sign electronically. You may need a scanner or there are some programs available online for free for you to complete the electronic signing.
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  15. [RO]Proof

    [RO]Proof Active Member

    ,,When the Cossacks 3 game page on Steam will be available?
    In the very near future. Just busy working on it."
    Wright answer: Soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 month for colected, 1 more month for select, 1 month for testing,1-2 mount for fix bugs, 1-2 monts for finish and we get game on Cristmas whit some luck
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  16. Privateer

    Privateer Active Member

    Great to hear of any progression! Good luck to those that get the opportunity to beta test.

    I'd happily fly over to Ukraine to sign a contract - expenses paid, of course :D
  17. Styo

    Styo Active Member

    Aye, I too wouldn't mind flying over to Ukraine. After all, I am the only one in my family that was born in USA, everyone else was born in Ukraine...
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  18. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Beta participants gather for the great tour of Kiev and GSC studio !

    Great to know the selection for the Beta test is progressing well.
  19. Phoebus

    Phoebus New Member

    So many trailers in this month: COD, BF 1, prison break, mr. robot... when will they make Cossacks 3 trailer?
  20. Fate

    Fate Member

    Soon ? :D
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