OC MOD3 update now in Steam Workshop.

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    Version 1.1 Released

    OC MOD3 Version 1.1 has now been released on the Steam Workshop. It shows up there simply as OCMOD3 in the title. That's what the title will always be from now on. The information "Version 1.1" has been removed from the title field and appears in the version information. This is the more consistent "Steam-Friendly" and "User-Friendly" way to release it. It's also easier for me.

    Multiplayer Tests Fine and Works Fine

    This version is patched to work after the last C3 patch and has been tested.

    Algeria Re-Balance

    This Version 1.1 changes the balance of Algeria. Algerian light infantry are buffed and Algerian archers undergo a radical change in emphasis. Archers now build slower than 17th C muskets! However, they have slightly greater range than 17th C muskets and they fire 3 times faster than 17th C muskets before the musket fire rate upgrades. This makes Algerian archers into Algeria's surrogate muskets and they still have their fire arrows too. They are very dangerous as they get the much increased chance of one-shot kills just like muskets do in OCMOD3. However, they can also cause friendly fire casualties with their arrows so watch your own troops when playing Algeria. Also, these archers never get any upgrades (just like vanilla). They come out of the early barracks as good as they are ever going to get. It's a matured but superseded technology at one and the same time. Traditional-materials bows and arrows in this era were as good as they were going to get. Musket, bayonet and rifle technology had much more development to look forward to (as we can now see it hindsight).

    The AI bug

    Multiplayer works fine but unfortunately the AI bug is still with us in OCMOD3. Despite days of testing I have not been able to pinpoint a cause. There are some suspect possibilities. We will keep working on this until we find the answer. It is the most difficult bug I have ever sought to find in anything bar nothing. It is intermittent and can occur at any time from about 15 minutes to 2 hours or more. It can occur, freeze some control for half a minute or forever. It can sometimes "cure itself" only to reappear 5 or 10 minutes later. The recordings where it happens are corrupted and do not play out true to the game, even for that part of the game before the bug first occurred. As I think you can understand, this all makes it very hard to trace and pin down exactly what is happening.

    One strange characteristic of the bug is that it does not occur if Ukraine is played by the AI. It also appears not to occur if I comment out 17th C officers in the code so the AI can't use 17th C officers. The AI makes fake formations all the time, of course. There are other strange things about this bug too long to list here. I am beginning to think maybe we need the dev's help on this.

    Ferox, if you read this, would it be possible to get some developer help on this? As background information, OCMOD3 uses [OC]General WVPM's Formation Framework & Reload Framework mod (merged in) and also uses a range damage system he wrote for us. So I guess there are some complicated interactions happening with respect to the AI system.
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