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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aduhi, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Aduhi

    Aduhi Member

    In this thread you can say what other strategy games do you play?

    I play:
    -Medieval 2 Total War (With Kingdoms DLC)
    - Empire Total War
    - Cities XL 2011
    - Napoleon Total War
    - Long time ago: Cossacks 2
    For sure i am going to play Mad Games Tycoon as soon as it will be released as a full product.

    What about you guys?
  2. Mark Kandaurov

    Mark Kandaurov Well-Known Member

    0 a.d.
    Starcraft 2
    Cities Skylines
    Alien Nations 2
    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
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  3. brocart

    brocart New Member

    Starcraft 2
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  4. Samuel

    Samuel Member

    Halo wars 1/2
    Total war rome 2
    Civilization V
    life is feudal forest village <- This game is basically like Banished, but here you can also control the peasents, in first person.
    Command & Conquer Generals
    Supreme Commander 1/2
    Men Of War Assault Squad 2
    Call To Arms
    American Conquest
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  5. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I have tried quite a few RTS but the only ones I liked and played regularly were;

    1. Total Annihilation
    2. Cossacks 1 / Mod 1 / OCMOD
    3. Supreme Commander / Forged Alliance / Forged Alliance Forever
    4. Cossacks 3 / OCMOD3

    The common thread here is that all these games start small and build to thousands of units. All have infinite production queuing. All lead to large, complex strategic gameplay and allow very large maps. There is nothing I hate more than small squad RTS on dinky maps with artificial platforms and chokes, where I have to go back to the barracks all the time to queue 5 units and where I need 240 clicks a minute to be just an average competitive player. No names, these silly games (and game publishers) know who they are. ;)

    I don't play FPS, never liked it, except the original DOOM was quite fun. I used to like the original Sim City in black and white where I thought I was awesome if I got a city to 500,000 without going broke.
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  6. Ulvur

    Ulvur New Member

    - Europa Universalis IV
    - Darkest Hour
    - Men Of War: Assault Squad 2
    - Age of Empires III
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  7. Wololo

    Wololo Member

    My list:
    • Total War: Rome II
    • Age of Empires I-III
    • Europa Universalis IV
    • Shogun 2: Total War
    • 0 A.D.
    • Crusader Kings II
    • Medieval II Total War
    • Stronghold Crusader
    • Banished
    • Total War: Attila
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  8. Unikron

    Unikron Active Member

    Cossacks 1- 2
    American Conquest
    Empire Total War
    Age of Empires I-II
    Stronghold 1-2
    Blitzkrieg 1
    Faces of War
    Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
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    MICHAELP New Member

    Thank you for the suggestions. So far I have played
    • Age of Empires I-II
    • Stronghold 1-2
    • Blitzkrieg 1
    • Faces of War
    I am planning to develop my own strategy game. Wish me luck for nice game development.
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