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    If you`re interested, I`d send you a modified script file with the following changes:


    - pikeman attack increased (last upgrades are +2 and +3)
    - pikeman protection against bullets increased (10 for EUR, 8 for RUS), protection against sword increased.
    - 18c pikeman last upgrade reduced price and bonus (total of 20 defense after all upgrades)
    - 18c pikeman cost increased to 25food 1 gold
    - roundshier got an extra upgrade for +4 attack and +4 defense, best protection against bullet (14) and arrows (don`t remember how much I set it to)
    - roundhshier cost increased to 25 food 25 iron
    - light infantry hp boosted to 65 and got extra damage upgrade +4 and defense +4 (algerian light infantry extra def +5 instead of +4)
    - algerian archer damage reduced to 49, flame arrow increased to 145 and hp increased to 45
    - 17c musketeer damage increased to 30 (with adjustments, so Poland gets 33, Netherlands 26 and etc.) and upgrades now give +2, +3 amd +4
    - 17c musketeer reload time increased 3.3 times
    - janissary get a fourth upgrade for damage, have higher hp (65) and have a slightly faster reload time than the standard 17c musketeer
    - spanish and austrian musketeer protection against bullets boosted, reload time slightly slower than 17c standard musketeers
    - peasants now have sword (slashing) attack
    - mercenaries have boosted stats and are pretty usable (let`s not forget most EU armies consisted to alarge portion fo mercs) but cost a lot more (grenadier is 65gold for 30 attack, 40 shot, 85 hp, sich cossacks costs 100 gold but has 200hp and 22 sword attack and etc.)
    - 18c musketeer has higher shot, shoots 10% faster than 17c, has slightly greater range than 17c muskets and the upgrades increase firepower. Initial attack is only 2, the blacksmith upgrade gives +5 and the academy bayonet upgrade gives +20. Total defense is limited to 14. HP unchanged at 100. When all upgrades in the academy and 18c barracks are done, they can kill a 18c pikeman with one shot but not a 17c one due to armor. Strong in line when firepower is needed.
    - 18c grenadier has same base shot as musketeer, shoots same speed as 17c musketeer, has lower range than the 18c musketeer, upgrades increase cold steel weapon attack. Initial attack is higher, I think it was 5. Defense is 17 and HP are 120 (Danish has 130). Strong in melee combat, good to protect other infantry against Cuirassiers.
    - Prussian and Danish musketeers have higher shot but with new damage differenceis not that big. Prussian musketeers have initial attack of 4 but slightly higher reload time.
    - Pandur, Chasseur, Highlander - damage increased, about 20% higher than 18c musketeer, 10% faster reload time compared to 18c musketeer, best range in game, defense totals 12. Suitable for skirmish duties and attacking an opponent that has fortified (stand ground command) due to their greater range, provoking an attack. As they have no bayonet - keep away of cavalry.


    - All cavalry have higher defense against sword, light/medium cavalry start with +2
    - Reiter total pike defense is 14 + 2 + 2 from the cuirass upgrades. High defense against sword. Attack type changed to sword. Bullet protection increased (not as high as 17c pikemen). Protection against sword increased. Pikemen in formation would usually stand close to equal to Reiters, if lose Reiter would slaughter them.
    - Vityaz total defense is 14 +2 + 2. Attack type changed to sword (although in original Cosacks it was describedas a mace which has armor countering capabilities)
    - Winged Hussar defense is higher - 16 + 2 + 2 and attack is pike. HP increased to 300. Bullet protection increased but lower than Reiters. The only cavalry that can effectively front-charge pikemen.
    - Croat attack changed to sword. Total pike defense 12 (any light cavalry would be slaughtered by pikemen in formation)
    - Sich Cossack attack changed to sword. Total defense reduced.
    - Register Cossack total defense reduced but their lance attack could make up (pikemen and other armoured units have low defense against piercing attack but higher defense against slashing).
    - Don Cossack HP increaed to 280. Cost 120 food.
    - Spakh total defense reduced, attack increased by +1.
    - Mameluke has some base protection against arrows, bullets and cold steel excluding piercing attacks but this protection is light
    - Hussar total defense reduced to 12 against piercing, attack changed to sword
    - Light Reiter attack changed to sword and increased by +1, total defense reduced to 12
    - Cuirassier attack changed to sword. Pike defense reduced to 16 + 2 + 2. High sword and bullet protection, bullet is 15 + 2 + 2. Can tank into 18c musketeer and light infantry and break them but will be ineffective against 18c pikemen and grenadiers.
    - Dragoon damage increased, reload time the slowest of all firing troops. Defense against pikes is 13.
    - Tatar arrow damage reduced to 49.
    - King`s Musketeer attack unchanged. Reduced building time (take longer than a dragoon).


    - Cannon damage and range increased
    - Howitzer range increased. Reload time decreased. Still working on how to limit their area damage as they appear to be firing tactical nukes.
    - Mortar damage increased significantly. Reload time doubled.


    - mine upgrades have reduced cost
    - increased population bonus for barracks and town centres
    - dwellings now give 20 living spaces
    - 18c upgrade costs twice the original amount. Some nations liek France, Prussia and Sweden can enter it sooner than others. Russia takes the longest.


    - restrict 18c grenadiers and 18c dragoons from the Dipl until the 18c is reached
    - reduce Howitzer area damage (not sure what line sets it)
    - introduce new units and uniforms (tried the step by step guide and ended up with a sky blue screen)
    - disallow musketeers to shoot through obstacles, such as stone walls (but not pallisades) and other own infantry ahead
    - disallow the Ottoman Empire and Algeria from recruiting European units
    - add Tatar mercenaries to Poland, Ukraine and the Muslim states

    With the exception of the uniforms thing, I believe someone could help with the rest?
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