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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Johny, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    after 6 months and 53 hours (clear time) in editor, after lots of fails and lots of fails not caused by me myself

    I am finnaly releasing my own custom map with custom scenario.


    I just wanted to write something motivational, but I can't beacuse I am GODDAM TIRED and my master degree school carieer is on the edge of collapse (just kidding, but damn I've got lots of things to do). So, I'm just giving you the manual how to install is and some screenshots.

    It shoud take you one hour plus some minutes to complete on fastest game speed.


    Ps: The map is tested and playable until the end. You just need to be precise with wiping the opponent.
    Any problem with map or scenario write me immediatley. Only problem is it does now show the names of the colours and enemies and some quest don't want to show up, but that's absolute irrelevant.







    1) Download applications: Dropbox, Sublime text (optional)

    2) Open link:

    and download the .rar file or open folder

    3) extract the .rar file (or open folder) that contains:

    folder single
    code impementation.txt
    sinmis.txt (test for translation into you local language)

    and then put

    folder single into YourPathToGame/Cossacks3/dlcs (just let it between dlc1, dlc2, summer...)

    sinmis.lng + sincam_missions.lng + sinmis_missionplayers.lng into Cossacks3/data/locale/YourCurrentLanguage/missions

    then open your Cossacks3/data/game/var/camaigns.cfg and insert part of the code from code impementation.txt

    In case you have no app for .cfg opening or you don't want to donwload it, just replace your camagins.cfg file.

    That should be all.

    Also if there will be some problem with installation, send me message immediatley.

    Have fun!


    UPDATE: Open file without .rar + text for translation into your local language has been posted. Make a translation in .txt file and post it on dropbox. I will transform.txt into .lng (it's only 10 min copy-paste job)
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  2. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations Johny.
    That's great you could make this mission. I will have to try it in the following day :)
    There is now a french presentation too : La chute de lord Lobkowicz (yes the title is translated, but not the game files, that I don't know how to do :confused:)

    edit: shouldn't the camagins.cfg be campaigns.cfg ?
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  3. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    Perfect! Thank you for propagation! I will prepare the text file for translation. Sadly translation editor don't want to cooperate with me so I will send you english version and you can upload french version on Dropbox and I will paste it in game files.
  4. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    UPDATE: Open file without .rar + text for translation into your local language has been posted. Make a translation in .txt file and post it on dropbox. I will transform .txt into .lng (it's only 10 min copy-paste job)
  5. Npeter87

    Npeter87 Moderator Staff Member

    I'll hope developers add the hungarian language in officially form at later. When it's done i will translate this mission.
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  6. Kamilow

    Kamilow Well-Known Member

    Make Venetian Campaign Please Friends!!! ;)
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  7. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    Be patient my friend. I have some ideas in my mind, but for now I have other things to do in my personal life. You need to wait until spring (circa march) when this topic will be "hot" again. First of all I want to maintain this map, make some changes and recreate scenario. Another ideas are:

    Italian campaign (Piemont region itself)
    Europe campaign (combination of rus+ukr+pol units on autum map)
    Turkish mission (someting like local fights between clans, bazzars, dunes, oasis and others)

    but Venice campaign/single mission also sound interesting. It depents on what's your idea about that.
  8. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    I have finally tried it ! I had some trouble during the installation, seems like I was too bad at simply copy-paste correctly the extra code, in game the mission wouldn't appear in the list of campaign :confused:.
    In the end, I used the easiest option and replaced the campaign.cfg altogether ! It worked well.

    It is a nice mission I enjoyed a lot this new mission, you did great @Johny. I didn't encounter a single problem and the mission ended correctly after destroying the fortress thoroughly.
    The map is really nice and all the town and village look great with the numerous details you put there. I was a bit surprised at first with the border but it keep the feeling of the map well and it's better than the usual black one.
    Only thing I will complain about, the mission is really easy.
    The start is good, you beat the first army and then move on to destroy the remaining units in town, the two howitzer were really nice, they put pressure at the start and feel like an important asset since you can't build your own.
    When you move on to the second village, it would probably be more interesting if there is a risk the village burn if the player is not fast enough. At the moment you just get a free base with little to no effort.

    The objective of taking the border is good, especially the reinforcement which made me do a second attack to take it.
    The great army that come after made me fear a little at first, but we get so much artillery (we capture a lot of them, I didn't train a single one during the entire mission) from just taking the border that the ennemy got torn to piece.

    Basically at this point the mission is basically won, the player out produce the AI in everything and that is just with the two first base (I got the third one really late, so it didn't make a difference at this point).
    We also get a lot of ally troops in the map, be it in the forest, or a new army in the north which get their own artillery. I don't know if that difficult to do, certainly it would be more work, but in many Cossacks mission you get encounter which give the player a choice that could give him more units against a price or end in a batlle. That make encounter feel more important. In this mission for exemple I think meeting a group of mercenary grenadier could be really interesting, they could help against tower, but at the same time since gold is scare it would be dangerous since they could rebel.

    The ennemy in this mission can only build austrian troops, while the player can have austrian, ukrainian (mainly serdiuk) and polish (small extra).
    To make it a bit stronger maybe it could start with more barrack and the possibility to use the polish stable before the player capture the village.
    I'm eager to see what you will work on in spring, but until then good luck in your life. :)
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  9. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    Thank you Foeurdr for playing my mission. You brought me really important feedback needed for another work.

    Basically every point you mentioned I wrote down just before the release and I'm thankfull you pointed them out.

    Since I needed to start somewhere and released "something" for feedback, plus I wanted to complete it before Christmas, I released it in the state in which it is (playable, but not balanced). So answers for next issues are practically the same:
    It will required extra addition of scripts, triggers, result, zones, timers and counter, which is long, boring and anoying work full of testing, checking, remaking and unexpected failures.
    But everything you mentioned is possible to make. So there are no impossibilities (in basic operation on map). CS1 editor was broken, but this one work completly fine.

    1) Yes, the border of the map is lovley, I inspired myself in Company of Heroes. It just looks better. Sadly there were problems with units operations and diplomacy since from certain x,y coordinates map shuts down posibility fo create formations and attack the enemy (WTF?). This problem leaded to lower thick map corner and whole part of the map had to be shifted and part of it deleted.

    2) Yes, I'm proud for the first task with eastern city. It's really well made. ;-)

    3) I wanted to make the ukrainian troops first as allied AI mercenaries. Playing on your side until you bringing them gold (scripts, triggers, testing...). But time limit for saving of village will be good addition. Simple counter will deal with it.

    4) The main issue of this mission is, as you said, that after you destroy the border you already have a large skilled army and cannons that makes untainerd army of the enemy and just starting enemy AI piece of cake. I wanted to enable AI much sooner, but there is a problem with:
    Your units can be attacked before destroying the border, or new village can be immediatley attacked by larger army, setting enemy as friend for not attacking will destroy the diplomacy between player (because enemy is frined of another enemy), adding extra army is too generic since there are already three, plus where it should be spawned to not collide with your units etc.
    Large amount of extra scripts, but as I said, it's possible, but required deeper analysis and order of actions.

    5) Polish troops have the same problem as ukrainian. Additional dialogues will make them more dynamic.

    6) I planned bandits in deep parts of forest, but there was a problem with diplomacy. Maybe traveling enemy units from edge to edge of the map will be fine distraction for player. This task can be done.

    7) I'm thinking about bigger reduction of the ability to create units. Player will be forced to find right combination of units that can fit into population limit. + I will make a limit for buildings (no more than 20 houses, 2 barracks etc.). On the other hand it can lead to impossibility to overcome the border. That leads to reduction of units on border, that lead to...(inser another ten things in scenario and much more)

    8) Another big change I'm planning is reduction of ingame objects since large map is a challange for fps and computing power. Many object are becoming practicaly invisible on maximal graphic settings and are often hidden in vivid shadows.

    The editor cand hold 501 triggers, so the is enough spare for these tasks.

    SUMMARY: The only contraindication in this moment is a lack of time. I also can't wait for spring. :)
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  10. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    @Johny I have made the translation in french ! I sure took long for this one even for my usual standard, I should know how dreadfull "I will do it tomorrow" but I still push it to next day.

    Well it's done now !

    Attached Files:

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  11. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    French translation is on the Bropbox.

    Edit: .lng file can't do some of the ASCII characters, especially "è", so there might be "e" or "č" instead.

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  12. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    As everyone here already noticed, there is a zero interest in game and forum whatsoever. Only the last matadors/old hands of moding remained.

    I promised that there will be improved single mission in srping. It's autumn and I still don't have it. I am currently abroad for the whole year only with my shitty notebook. I would have a time for that, yet I'm sadly limited by technology (just like Tony Starks father). I also lost a interest in this game a little bit and now i'm doing other non-game projects and stuff (for example 3D printing, if you are interested).

    Me, you, everyone here just moved with their lives, and that's good.

    So i would like to thank you, everyone who modded, played and talked about this game, for being here and play with me.

    Kudos to every modder, you mods were excellent!

    I salute to everyone.

    Mabye next year when i will be back and finnish my studies, i will make some new other improved map. We will see.
    So live long and prosper and mabye write me some message about everything. I had a good time with you all.


    Ps: Since I have now a shitty notebook, gues what! I'm playing CS1 again! Just google CS1 MOD1 or "complete mod" where are all campaign and single mission from EW+AOW+BTW. Everything under one roof. Best mod so far. :) See you soon!
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  13. Loner

    Loner Well-Known Member

    Sad news Johny but I wish you well, you never know the Developers might one day actually return to the game, but I'm not holding my breath.:)
  14. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    It's a pity that we won't see any news missions any time soon. Good luck with what you are doing, and if you ever want to show what other things you are doing there is the off topic thread ;)
  15. Johny

    Johny Active Member


    This map was now released in workshop.
    It's simply named: Single mission
    And it's fully functional.

  16. Johny

    Johny Active Member

    Hello everyone.

    After 10-month break I remade third mission of the Turkish Campaign (Path to Grandeur - In the Service of the Grand Vizier - The Siege of Candia). The mission itself (as like many others in CS3) is poorly made, so I found time to redone at least eviroment. Now it's more than just a bunch of sand, rocks and palms. I made it just for fun and joy, no big pressure, so it should keep you entertained...for like solid 10 minutes, I guess. Other remakes will come hopefully later.

    PS: How's the modding goes currently? I'm keeping eye on State vs Country, truly magnificent work.

  17. Foeurdr

    Foeurdr Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome back @Johny !

    Your Candia map is really looking nice.
    Like you probably saw, modding is going as usual, Awar is still going strong with the release of news versions for State vs Country/Empire. Loner keep everything up to date on the workshop and made an update to his 19th century mod in june. Eadweard of Mylae is working on a mod of his own I think, but he also make things for State vs Country.

    It's been some times since I last saw Ebel on these forum but she continue to give pointer for modding on her Discord.
    Other than that, I don't know if there is more to the modding scene lately. The problem with the mod-manager since May doesn't help either. Last I heard in april, GSC was still working on something for Cossacks, maybe for the release anniversary of the game in september ?
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