RestLeague #47 / 19:00 CET Saturday / 1000 0pt no market

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Warren, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Warren

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    This SATURDAY, the Rest League on 1000 0pt no market. Let's see who know the best that the best trade are the bullets and swords! :) Registration is open. Start to the tournament as usual 20:00 msk // 19:00 CET.

    R-Liga is one-day tournament with single elimination ladder. You need from ~45 minutes to ~2 hours to play all games.

    Nation - Turkey

    Rules for nomination 1000 0pt no market

    1) Land
    2) Plain
    3) Deposits - «little»
    4) Start options – default
    5) Balloon - default
    6) 18 century - default
    7) Capture - default
    8) Artillery - default
    9) Score game (45 min)
    10) Hills are allowed
    11) Construction of the transporters is allowed (destroying boats and transportation of units and further military actions are allowed)
    12) Construction of sea ports and fish boats allowed
    13) Market trade must be made without pause
    14) Ordering fish boats on pause mode is forbidden
    15) Default speed mode is very fast one
    16) It is prohibited to change game speed mode fixed in its beginning throughout the whole game
    17) Map size - tiny
    18) Population limit - none
    19) Diplomatic center - default (yes)
    20) Market - NO
    21) Other things - default
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  2. Warren

    Warren Active Member

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