Season Clash 4 - Day 1 results

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    Dear friends!

    The first day of unique and distinct Season Clash 4 is over, it was hot!
    We congratulate [KR.S]Antoxa, [GFF]Apelsin,[R]Hruska, [BiA]Nelj, [-UNION-]testopal, [KR.S]Dandy, [-RA-]Sanek_PCT, Oldman as they've achieved victories and are moving forward in upper bracket. [KR.S]Atom, [-RA-]Frag, [GFF]Vahagn, [-NF-]Fulcrum, [-NF-]Baton, [KR.S]Iron_Hvan, [GFF]Petru_BwM, GoldenBoy are moving to the lower bracket, and they'll be able to prove that it was just a "minor unluck" tomorrow.

    Tomorrow games would start at 12:30 by Kiev.

    Helper1, Kupnu4, funny_ru, [IGO]+4K+yma, [GP]Sir_Artius, [GP]Fenek, Helper2, [-NF-]Doctor_K, [GT]Colourfit, [-OG-]SirBillo, [GFF]Airon, [-NF-]Detrom, [BiA]-Roma23, [GFF]Rifman, asap, [GP]Demon would join them in upcoming battles on the battlefields.

    You may find the schedule and details about Season Clash 4 by following this link:
    You may find the tournament grid by following the next link:

    You may watch the games live on our channels:

    Have a good day!
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